Serpent's Bluff Redoubt is a camp in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


This area is patrolled by five Forsworn and some pressure plate booby traps. A hagraven may also be present if the Dragonborn is a high enough level.

Within the camp there is dungeon area called Serpent's Bluff Ruins. There is a pressure plate on a table in the main room, this will open the gate. Pick up an item (or dead body) and drop it on the plate to open the gate permanently. It is also possible to use the Slow Time shout to get through without needing to keep the gate down. The second gate is activated by a button at eye level at the Dragonborn's right side when standing in front of it, facing it, and leads to the second way out of the ruins.


Notable itemsEdit

  • Twin Secrets (Enchanting skill book)
  • On the floor of the tent the Forsworn Briarheart resides in, there is a note addressed to the leader of the encampment. It reveals that a mysterious figure named the Matriarch is pressuring the leader to take Fort Sungard, in order to control the entire eastern slope of The Reach and prevent "their enemies" from retreating.


  • Arcane Enchanter – At the end of the dungeon, past the gate. To open the gate, place an item on the pressure plate placed on the table on the lower level. This can be confusing, since there is no lever or chain to open the gate.

Note: The enchanter, soul gems and Twin Secrets are in the Serpent's Bluff Ruins, not the camp.


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