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Seyda Neen is a town in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Description[edit | edit source]

It is a small Imperial port town in the southwest of Vvardenfell, on the coast of the Inner Sea. It is located in the Bitter Coast region. It is considered the "Gateway to Vvardenfell," because it is the closest settlement to the mainland of Morrowind and because it is the only location on Vvardenfell with a lighthouse. Although it is technically located on the Bitter Coast, it is close to the cosmopolitan area of the Ascadian Isles. Travel by Silt Strider is available, and the roads lead east to Pelagiad, Ebonheart, and Vivec City.

Layout[edit | edit source]

Unlike the other villages along the Bitter Coast, Seyda Neen has a large outlander population and a more "continental" style of architecture. The headquarters of the Census and Excise Office in the Vvardenfell District is located here, to help with the monitoring of criminal activity along the "Smuggler's Coast" and recording of all people and merchandise that pass through the port. The overall quality of life appears to be lower than that in the Ascadian Isles region, but much better than other areas of the Bitter Coast. Many people, most often the outlanders, live in small, Cyrodiil-style, houses. The other half of the village, chiefly Dunmer, live in shacks.

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The greater part of the village is located on a tiny island, connected by a short walking bridge to the mainland; the water separating the island is shallow and is easily waded across. The northern part of the island, which is raised just slightly above the level of the rest, features the Census and Excise Office, Arrille's Tradehouse, and Cyrodiil-style residences. A small spit of land, with a lower elevation, lies just west from this raised portion. It features a few huts grouped around some tall trees and a small, swampy pool.

Jutting out to the south is the "wild" portion of Seyda Neen, featuring the lighthouse and some otherwise undeveloped land around it. Muck pools, mushrooms, trees and rocks are here. Mudcrabs and Cliff Racers can be found here, occasionally.

The mainland area of Seyda Neen features only two homes and a roadsign that points to west to Hla Oad and Gnaar Mok, and east to Balmora and Vivec. Just to the east of the village, still within the town limits, is a huge rock with a platform that serves as the local Silt Strider station.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Seyda Neen is located on two islands both connected by a short bridge. Due to being surrounded by the sea, Seyda Neen also has some swamps just outside the city. One swamp is located just beyond the lighthouse. It contains Slough Ferns, Mudcrabs, Luminous Russula, Violet Coprinus, Bungler's Bane, trees with numerous vines hanging from them, rocks, mucky ponds with hollow tree stumps and Draggle Tails. The second island has a similar looking swamp, being much larger and home to more enemies.

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Arrille Tradehouse

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  • Land Deed – Save a woman's home by robbing a library.

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