Shada's Tear is a Nedic ruin found in southwestern Craglorn, northeast of Bangkorai Gate. It is currently inhabited on the outside by Dusteater Goblins and Ogres, and inside by undead and Nereids. The entrance to the place is found along the river near the place, down into the waterfall. It is divided into several sections, and the western and eastern wings must be cleared (defeat Nereid boss in both) to enter the Hall of Worship and confront Shada.

Shada's Tear is meant to be completed by a group of players. With the One Tamriel update, it can be done solo — however, it is perhaps the most difficult solo challenge in Craglorn.

Quests[edit | edit source]

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Entrance and central area
City District
Burial Grounds
Hall of Worship

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