"Promotions come quickly in the Legion, if you don't screw up. And they also hand out some pretty choice armor when you get promoted."
―Shadbak gra-Burbug[src]

Shadbak gra-Burbug is an Orsimer Smith at Fort Pelagiad, Vvardenfell. She is a spearman with the Imperial Legion who trades in armor and weapons, as well as repairing them.


The Nerevarine may be asked by the Thieves Guild to free New-Shoes Bragor from the Fort Pelagiad prison. Sugar-Lips Habasi suggests blackmailing Shadbak if the Nerevarine can find proof of her suspected involvement in smuggling Dwemer artifacts. If confronted with the evidence, Shadbak agrees to free New-Shoes Bragor in exchange for silence.



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Her inventory replenishes (except clothing and warhammers)


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Free New-Shoes Bragor

New-Shoes Bragor "New-Shoes Bragor broke the law. He has to serve his time. There's nothing I can do."

After obtaining a Dwemer piece:

New-Shoes Bragor "Where did you get that Dwemer artifact? I bet you stole it from Mebestien, thief!"

Yeah, I stole it. "I'll teach you a lesson, thief!"
How did you know Mebestien had one? "Because Mebestien pays me good money to keep it sec--"
Let New-Shoes go, and I'll forget about it. "Okay, you got me this time. I'll let him go. But it's not over between us, Nerevarine (Player name). I'll remember you."


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