Shadowcloak of Nocturnal is a power awarded to the Dragonborn by Nocturnal in the final Thieves Guild quest "Darkness Returns." Stepping on the Crescent Moon platform confers this power.

The Dragonborn can return once a day to the Ebonmere to replace it with the powers Nightingale Subterfuge or Nightingale Strife.


Once a day, the player can automatically become invisible for 120 seconds while sneaking. As with the conventional invisibility spell, one will become visible again when interacting, but unlike said spell, they can freely become invisible again by exiting and re-entering sneak mode for the duration.




  • The Shadowcloak only appears to turn the Dragonborn invisible when they go from standing to sneaking. If they are already sneaking when they activate the power, they will not appear invisible until they stand up and engage sneak again. This applies any time the invisibility is broken, such as interacting with objects, people or doors. Whether or not this actually affects visibility to enemies remains to be seen.
  • Once the power is used, shifting into and out of sneak activates and deactivates the invisibility. Even after the two minutes has passed, the Dragonborn will still be able to activate and deactivate the power by standing and sneaking. The power does not truly expire until they interact with something whilst sneaking that breaks the invisibility spell.
  • While the three agents of Nocturnal are referred to as Agent of Shadow, Agent of Strife and Agent of Subterfuge, and the two other skills are called "Nightingale Strife" and "Nightingale Subterfuge," this Shadow skill is actually called "Shadowcloak of Nocturnal" instead of "Nightingale Shadow."


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