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Shadowmere is a unique horse in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Her coat is a purple-tinted black, with red eyes. Once belonging to Lucien Lachance of the Dark Brotherhood, Shadowmere is passed on to the Hero of Kvatch after completion of "The Purification."


Shadowmere is the fastest horse available in Oblivion, and can climb inclines the Hero normally could not, making her helpful for navigating. Her very high health and aggression make her valuable in combat. Since she is essential, she cannot be truly killed in combat; if her Health is reduced to 0, she will fall unconscious, only to revive later. She will, however, die if she falls from a great height.

She will stay wherever the Hero leaves her for a limited time. Eventually, she will return to Fort Farragut if left unattended for a long period.

Storage exploitEdit

Shadowmere has no encumbrance, so she can carry an infinite amount of items. Simply knock her out and quickly put items into her inventory. To retrieve the items, knock her out again and remove them.


The PurificationEdit

Lucien Lachance promotes the Hero to Silencer as well as an "additional reward." The Hero exits the fort to find Shadowmere waiting outside the entrance.



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  • Shadowmere is vulnerable to any glitches that affect horses in general.
    • She may be counted as a member of any factions the Hero has joined, meaning that attacking her may be counted as stealing from or assaulting a guild member, which may furthermore result in the Hero being expelled from the guild. In some rare cases, mounting Shadowmere can break the tenet of stealing from a fellow guild member. Note that this glitch affects other horses that the Hero owns as well, not just Shadowmere.
    • When trying to mount Shadowmere, the game may stop for a second and the character will be somewhere seemingly glitched underground. This can be escaped by fast traveling, which will cause the Hero to appear riding Shadowmere.
    • Shadowmere may not travel with the Hero when they fast travel while unmounted. She may travel with them but no longer belong to them, or she may disappear.


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