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Shalidor's Library is the collection of Lore Books that increase rank in the Mages Guild. In The Elder Scrolls Online, there are a total of 297 books. These can be collected and read at any time, without taking up any space in the inventory. Once found, they can be read from the "Lore Library" section of the journal.

Alik'r Desert LoreEdit

Auridon LoreEdit

Bangkorai LoreEdit


Coldharbour LoreEdit

Daedric PrincesEdit

Deshaan LoreEdit

Divines and DeitiesEdit

Dungeon LoreEdit


Eastmarch LoreEdit

Glenumbra LoreEdit

Grahtwood LoreEdit

Greenshade LoreEdit

Legends of NirnEdit


Magic and MagickaEdit

Malabal Tor LoreEdit

Myths of the MundusEdit

Oblivion LoreEdit

Poetry and SongEdit

Reaper's March LoreEdit

Rivenspire LoreEdit

Shadowfen LoreEdit

Stonefalls LoreEdit

Stormhaven LoreEdit

Tamriel HistoryEdit

The Rift LoreEdit

The Trial of EyeveaEdit



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