For other uses, see Icy Shambles.

Shambles appear to be some sort of undead constructs made of bone and lashed together with wire or bits of cloth. Oddly, the bones used in their makeup appear to have no correlation to one another. They might have skulls for kneecaps or leg bones for arms, to cite a few examples.

Shambles may be undead, but they pursue any victim as if they were a predator chasing down its prey. Like its undead brethren, the shambles is fully resistant to disease, poison and paralysis; additionally, they possess a unique resistance to all frost magic.

Furthermore, upon death, Shambles will explode in a spectacular shower of frost. This ability seems to have been added by its creator as an interesting last-ditch defense mechanism. Players intending to combat these undead creatures should be certain to bring Resist Frost potions or destroy them at range.

Earil in Crucible will sell the spells for summoning both the decrepit and replete versions of shambles.

Variants[edit | edit source]

  • Shambles
  • Decrepit Shambles
  • Replete Shambles

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