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Shara is a location in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Detailed directionsEdit

Take a boat to Dagon Fel. Get off the boat and go left. There will be a road. Go south. Follow the break at the right. Soon there will be a fork in the road. Take the road on the right (the one straight on). Take a left at the next fork. At this point, the map should show facing Southwest. Then, there will be yet another fork. Take this one left as well. The road should soon end. Go to the shore which should be on the left. It's right near the end of the road.

Start swimming in the northeast direction (while remaining close to the mountains on the right), or climb the mountains, whichever is preferred, and there should be a round-shaped dome. Get on the road just to the right of it. Take the immediate fork right, and Shara is the tomb on the left.


Writ for Tirer BelvaynEdit

Eno Hlaalu tasks the Nerevarine to honorably execute Tirer Belvayn.


Notable itemsEdit


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