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"No. Of course not. I can't teach you spells. I'm NOT a necromancer. No. Absolutely not. Not a necromancer."
―Sharn gra-Muzgob[src]

Sharn gra-Muzgob is an Orsimer healer in the Balmora Mages Guild. She appears to have an unusual interest in human remains. She can teach a number of spells, and can train the Nerevarine in Mysticism, Restoration, and Alteration. She also sells a number of potions.


I'm NOT a Necromancer![]

One of the main quests in the Mages Guild questline involves her, as well as a side quest involving necromancy.

Gra-Muzgob Informant[]

Sharn gra-Muzgob has valuable information about the Nerevarine. To obtain the information, the Nerevarine must retrieve the Skull of Llevule Andrano from the Andrano Ancestral Tomb.


Show: General

"I CANNOT think with all these interruptions. PLEASE leave me alone."

"What? Are you DEAF? No interruptions! I can't think!"
Bonemeal "Bonemeal is a fine-ground powder from the bones of man-like races. Alchemists have identified its magical properties, and use it in various preparations."
Bonewalker "Bonewalkers are among the distinctive ancestral revenants that guard Dunmer burial sites, and which may be summoned as spirit guardians. Among the undead, they are less worrisome than their more powerful manifestation, the Greater Bonewalker."
latest rumors "Ajira made a bet with Galbedir about who would get to the rank of Journeyman first. I hope it doesn't end with more flame atronachs in the guild library like last time."
Mages Guild "A rat's nest. Unsound practices. Slipshod scholarship. Politics. Lamebrains and lunatics. But essential for research. And worthwhile for the discounts on services, if nothing else. Marayn Dren here, she's not so bad. Good intentions. And Edwinna Elbert, over in Ald'ruhn. Interesting projects. A bit out of touch, perhaps. But sound and sensible."
necromancy "In the Empire, necromancy is a legitimate discipline, though body and spirit are protected property, and may not be used without permission of the owner. But in Morrowind, the Dunmer loathe necromancers, and put them to death. That's absurd, of course, since the Dunmer summon their OWN dead to guard tombs and defend the family. Sacred necromancy is righteous, while philosophical necromancy is evil. It's primitive superstition, that's all."
Nerevarine (After completing "The Citadels of the Sixth House") "Very interesting. So you are this Nerevar hero, reborn? Do you remember anything from the life of this Nerevar? Can you think like him? Talk to him? Are you like a lich, with the spirit of this old dead hero riding your flesh? Very interesting, indeed. Here. Stick out your tongue. Can you feel it when I do THIS? I must make a careful examination of you for my... mystical studies."
Nerevarine cult (After completing "The Citadels of the Sixth House") "Now YOU are the expert on the Nerevarine cult, eh, Nerevarine?"
Nerevarine prophecies (After completing "The Citadels of the Sixth House") "The Temple and the Western cults have often dismissed visions and prophecy as primitive superstition. But, in fact, it is foolish prejudice against ancient, secret wisdoms that prevents us from unlocking the secrets of the universe."
Show: I'm NOT a Necromancer!

necromancers "No. Of course not. I can't teach you spells. I'm NOT a necromancer. No. Absolutely not. Not a necromancer."

After obtaining Sharn's Legions of the Dead:

necromancers "Where did you get that? That's MY copy of Legions of the Dead. Oh, all right. I'm a necromancer. Look. I'll teach you a spell, but you'll have to keep your mouth shut about this. I can teach you the Summon Ancestral Ghost spell, or, if you prefer, I can teach you Summon Skeletal Minion."

Teach me a ghost summoning. "As you wish. It's a simple matter, really. [Sharn takes you aside and teaches you how to summon an ancestral ghost.] Now. Remember. You said you'd keep quiet about this."
Teach me a skeleton summoning "As you wish. It's a simple matter, really. [Sharn takes you aside and teaches you how to summon a skeletal minion.] Now. Remember. You said you'd keep quiet about this."

If approached again:

necromancers "I can teach you more necromancy spells. For a price, of course. And as long as you keep quite about this."

Show: Gra-Muzgob Informant
Inside the Balmora Mages Guild:

"No. No interruptions! How many times.... Oh. You are one of Caius' associates? That is a different matter. Caius and I have a very satisfactory arrangement, and I'm sure we can come to some sort of agreement, if you will complete a little errand for me."

Errand "The errand, then, is very simple. I need the skull of Llevule Andrano. You'll find it in Andrano Ancestral Tomb. But take care not to upset the natives. The Dunmer have some peculiar primitive prejudices against necromancy, and take grave objection to unauthorized tomb visits."
Llevule Andrano "He was no one special. A journeyman enchanter. There may be many skulls in Andrano Tomb, but you'll have no problem recognizing Llevule's skull from the ritual markings."
Andrano Ancestral Tomb "The tomb is south of Pelagiad, just off the road, just before you reach the fork where the road goes southwest towards Seyda Neen and southeast to Vivec. You may need an enchanted blade. Some spirits are immune to normal weapons. Here. Take this old shortsword. And maybe these old scrolls will come in handy."
"Yes. Andrano Ancestral Tomb. South of Pelagiad. Just off the road. Just before the fork where the road goes southwest towards Seyda Neen and southeast to Vivec."

If approached again:

"Again? Is this about the errand you are doing for me?"

Errand "When you've completed the errand, then we can discuss the information Caius wants."
Nerevarine cult "When you've taken care of the errand, we can discuss the Nerevarine cult."

Upon finding the skull:

"Again? Is this about the errand you are doing for me?"

Errand "Very good. I'll just take that skull from you. Perfect for what I have in mind. Thank you. Now. As I promised. I'll answer your questions on the Nerevarine cult. Go ahead."
Errand "Yes, yes. You've completed the errand, and I'm quite satisfied."
Nerevarine cult "This Ashlander cult believes the long-dead hero Nerevar will be reborn to honor ancient promises to the tribes. According to legend, the prophesied Nerevarine will cast down the false gods of the Tribunal Temple, restore the traditional ancestor worship practiced by the Ashlanders, and drive all outlanders from Morrowind. Both Temple and Empire outlaw the cult, but it persists among the Ashlanders, who care little for Imperial or Temple law. Here. Take this copy of my notes on the topic for Caius."
Nerevarine cult "I gave you a copy of my notes for Caius. Read them."
False Incarnate "The Temple refers to any demented impostor who claims to be the Nerevarine as "the False Incarnate." The Temple treats such persons as insane, and Ordinators pursue and imprison them "for their own protection." The Temple has reported that the most recent False Incarnate, a girl child named Peakstar, has died, but they've produced no body, and skeptics are suspicious of Temple claims."
Nerevar "Nerevar is a First Age hero of the Dunmer people. He was a great general and leader. He helped form the First Council, and united the Dunmer Houses against foreign invaders aided by the traitors of House Dagoth. He triumphed over Morrowind's enemies at Red Mountain, but died in the battle."
Nerevarine "The Ashlanders have a prophecy that the legendary hero Nerevar will be reborn. They call this reincarnated hero the 'Nerevarine'."
Nerevarine prophecies "Ashlander culture honors dream visions and prophecy, unlike the Temple and the Western cults, which regard visions and prophecy as primitive superstition. Wise women interpret dreams and visions, and pass them on to succeeding generations. The most common version of the Nerevarine Prophecy is THE STRANGER. Did you know that Nerevar was known to possess a magical ring named "One-Clan-Under-Moon-and-Star." Nerevar swore his promise to honor ancient Ashlander traditions and land rights on this magical ring."
Peakstar "The most recent case of a person claiming to be the Nerevarine is a girl child named Peakstar. After a long period of searching unsuccessfully for her, the Ordinators recently reported that Peakstar is dead. That may be true, but I haven't heard that the Temple has offered any convincing proof that she is dead."

If approached again:

"Yes. You've been quite helpful. And if there's more you want to know, please ask."


  • Sharn is in possession of a unique version of Legions of the Dead. If it is in the player's inventory when they initiate conversation, it will start the quest "I'm NOT a Necromancer!"