Shazah is a Khajiit and the sister of Khali. They are both the current Lunar Champions, the two next in line to possibly become the next Mane following Akkhuz-ri's demise.

Compared to her sister, Shazah is more reserved and studious, preferring the arts of magic instead of swordplay. She was deeply scarred in her youth by the death of her parents, Namu and Ubraz. During her journey down the Moonlit Path, she learns to accept these terrible events rather than fearing them.

In the end, if Khali is chosen as the next Mane, Shazah will be corrupted by the Dark Mane and will need to be put down.


Striking at the HeartEdit

The twins Khali and Shazah have come to Hectahame.

Grim SituationEdit


Grimmer StillEdit


The First StepEdit


The Path to MoonmontEdit


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The Fires of DuneEdit


The Moonlit PathEdit


The Den of LorkhajEdit



Show: The First Step

"I just knew you had the makings of a Hallowed. I am very glad you're here. With you at our side, there are no questions we can't answer. No puzzles we can't solve."

"Hallowed, without your wisdom I don't know if I could stand to be here. Thank you."

"You heard my father, yes? We must pray at the lunar shrines to learn more of his... my past. Let's do it."

"My father... I should have known it would be one of our parents. Just like Mane Zebiden-jo four hundred years ago."

What happened to your father? "Father was sent to treat the Knahaten Flu outbreak in Orcrest seventeen years ago. The disease proved too potent, and... he and his team died. I was there, as a cub."

How are you feeling? "I'm... I'll be fine. Khali and I have known we would face darkness here since we were cubs. I just wonder... I want to know what he meant, earlier. Let's go, and find out."
Why was your father leading the team? "Father was the most talented alchemist in all of Dune. When we were young, clients would come from as far away as High Rock to consult him. I think the Mane himself asked Father to tend the sick."
The Knahaten Flu? or You mentioned the Knahaten Flu? "A disease, a mysterious illness, that swept across the face of Tamriel. It is said that it was a punishment from the Argonians, a retribution for the dark deeds done against their race by the Dark Elves. But no one knows for sure."
It created zombies? "No! Not at all. The creatures in these visions, I don't know... I don't. Wait, actually, it makes perfect sense. These visions are part of me, as much as memories. I was terrified of plague victims. So... so many bodies."
Are you ready to move on? "I'm ready. I should warn you, though... we'll probably see some more of those flu victim monsters in the next room. I was so frightened of them as a child. Get ready, and... thank you."
Lead on, Shazah.

"Those men and women worked with my father. Nien used to cook for us. She'd even stew vegetables, when we asked nicely."

I'm sorry, Shazah. "No need for sympathy, Hallowed. This is what my father meant. This is what he spoke of, when he spoke of decisiveness. I need to move forward. No looking back."

Like your sister? "Yes. Like Khali. I've spent so much of my life studying. So much spent examining texts, words. Action, though. Action is needed to be a true leader. Let's go, Hallowed."

"It is interesting, yes? Shazah read for so long, she studied so hard... and yet I still feel like I was unprepared for this. She is very grateful she had you at her side, Hallowed."

Show: The Fires of Dune

"Hallowed... you saved my life."

Are you all right? "I'll be fine. That was some damned impressive work. Khali would, I'm sure, offer you some kind of critique on your technique. I'm just glad I have you here today. Especially for what must come next."

What comes next? "We have pushed back the Daedra. You heard the Tharn, he means to walk the Two-Moons Path himself. I can't... I can't put this off any longer. We must make for the Temple of the Dance. Follow me. I'll lead the way."
After you, Shazah.

"My friend, the Moon Hallowed. Thank you for all you've done here today. And all you will do."

I'm proud to stand with you, Shazah. "And I'm proud to be standing with you. Ahem. Now then. Let's focus our wits, and prepare. Let's walk the Path and see this through. The way Khali would have wanted."

Show: The Moonlit Path

"I'm frightened, but I won't let fear hold me back."

I'm ready as well. "Good. Since we were cubs, Khali and I have studied the Path. I've read many accounts of past trials. What the Hallowed and the candidate went through … but nothing can prepare you. I know that now."

We'll see it through together, Shazah. "We'll walk the path together, yes. I'll be relying on you, Hallowed. To be brave for me, for her."
May I ask you a few questions? "I'll tell you all I can, Hallowed. I've read almost every tome in the Tales of the Two Moons Path series, and studied at the side of Moon Bishop Hunal himself. When I could understand him, anyway."
This will be dangerous, right? "I'm almost certain it will be dangerous, yes. Tharn promised us he'd walk the Path, didn't he? He's powerful and capable of almost anything. If he has been able to warp and twist the shape of the Two Moons Path, there's no telling what we'll face."
What can we expect? "According to the stories, the Path is a spiritual one. We're walking into the heart of my people, the very soul of the lunar faith. Each part of the Path represents something about the candidate, the Hallowed, and the Khajiit."
Represents something? "Yes, manifestations. In the past Manes have fought in climactic battles on the Path. They've loved and lost, seen distant shores and spoken to inhuman spirits. Whatever we face will represent the challenges of here and now."
How do we get to the Path? "The monks have done all the work for us. We'll just walk into the temple, and from there onto the Path. I believe I read once that the whole temple is suffused in moon-sugar vapors that allow for the mind to open to what can't normally be seen."

In the Temple:

"I've heard of these! Mane Jinninji-ri had them installed almost six hundred years ago during one of the many temple refurbishings. They were thought lost!"

"That was fascinating, Hallowed! If I had my way the whole Path would be learning about history. Heh, I'd bet if Khali were here she'd be bored silly about now."

Within the Demi-Plane of Jode:

"Have you ever seen a place like this, Hallowed? Even in my dreams, I never imagined it would look like this..."

Where are we? "I never thought I would see this place. I've seen drawings in the oldest texts... the Plane of Jode. The place where the Bright Moons dwell, the home of the gods. It's... different than I expected in some ways. But that makes sense."

What do you mean? "The Path is changing to suit us, reflect the challenges we face. Just like for Zibbiden-jo... the Argonian soul reavers... sorry, Hallowed. Just thinking of one of the stories I read."
Where do we go from here? "Let's just... wait a moment. If I'm right, the Path will show us they way."
All right, patience it is. "Quickly, Hallowed. After her!"


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