Castle Shedungent is an isolated castle and laboratory found hidden within the Wrothgarian Mountains. It is home to the witch-mother of King Lysandus and the grandmother of King Gothryd, Nulfaga.[1]


In the year 3E 403, Nulfaga moved to the castle during the War of Betony between Daggerfall and Sentinel. She still remained notified about the events happening with Daggerfall, with the help of her dragon familiar, Skakmat. Following the death of her son Lysandus later that year, Nulfaga experiences large amounts of grief and sorrow, causing her to slowly turn insane while she remains in Shedungent.

In 3E 405, Nulfaga is cured of her madness by the Hero, and teleports them to the Mantellan Crux within the realm of Aetherius, to retrieve the Mantella. The Mantella is then teleported along with the Hero to Shedungent, triggering an event known as The Warp in the West.[1]


Concern for NulfagaEdit

Queen Aubk'i is worried about Nulfaga, and sends the Hero to investigate about her condition.

Freeing MedoraEdit

The Hero frees Medora Direnni from the Direnni Tower on the Isle of Balfiera.

Journey to AetheriusEdit

Nulfaga teleports the hero to the Mantellan Crux to retrieve the Mantella.



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