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Sheep are domesticated animals that are raised for their meat and wool. In Oblivion, sheep pose no threat to the Hero; they will ignore them; some do not even have the ability to fight back.

Sheep are seen either being herded just outside of a town or are in pen/stockades. Attacking sheep is a crime and if caught doing so the Hero will get a bounty of five gold. If one is attacked, the ram (the sheep with big horns) will just look at the attacker and follow them.

Following the HeroEdit

Sheep will follow the Hero around if they carry an apple. The amount of sheep that follow depends on the amount of apples carried (one apple = one sheep, two apples = two sheep, three apples = three sheep). The maximum number of sheep that will follow the Hero is three.

Sheogoraths Shrine QuestsEdit

In Sheogoraths Shrine Quest the Hero will have the option to poison sheep with rat poison to evoke one of the three scriptures of the Armagedon. However, this does not need to be done, the sheep can be killed in any way.

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Damage typesEdit

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