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Not to be confused with Sheogorath (Cat).

Sheogorath (in Daedric script, Daedric S.svgDaedric H.svgDaedric E.svgDaedric O.svgDaedric G.svgDaedric O.svgDaedric R.svgDaedric A.svgDaedric T.svgDaedric H.svg) is the Daedric Prince of Madness. His realm in Oblivion is known as the Shivering Isles,[1] otherwise known as the Madhouse or "The Asylums" [UL 1]. It is separated into two distinct communities: Mania, the fantastic, colorful side, where art enthusiasts and insane revelers reside, and Dementia, the horrific, dark and ominous side, inhabited by those with the darker side of Sheogorath's blessings.[1] Sheogorath is attended by his Chamberlain Haskill and the Nobles of his realm, the Duke and Duchess of Mania and Dementia.[2] He is also the main antagonist in the Mages Guild questline in The Elder Scrolls Online.

By game


"Sheogorath is already inside each of us. You have already lost."

Earliest mentions

Sheogorath is one of the few Daedric Princes whose creation may be linked to the change or destruction of an Aedra; others include Malacath and Meridia. Aldmeri creation stories attribute his creation to the removal of Lorkhan's "divine spark." In one of these myths, he is described as the "Sithis-shaped hole" of the world.[3] However, in an interview conducted by the Imperial Library, Haskill states this interpretation of the creation of Sheogorath may not be the case.[UL 2]

Assisting the Hero of Daggerfall

In search of the Mantella in the Aetherius realm known as the Mantellan Crux, Sheogorath appeared and helped the hero in accomplishing their goal.[4]

Shivering Isles

Bliss, a location ruled by Sheogorath.

"You approach the Shivering Isles. Through the door behind me lies the realm of Sheogorath, Prince of Madness, Lord of the Never-There."

Quick Summary

"A new arrival! A shame about my Gatekeeper. I'm so happy, I could just tear out your intestines and strangle you with them."

The Shivering Isles is explained by Haskill to be whatever Lord Sheogorath wills it to be; inside the gates of the exotic and twisted land boasts striking new wildlife (unseen on Nirn) and the oddest oddities of creatures, including Baliwogs, Grummites and the deadly Scalon.

The government is split into three factions: Duke of Mania, Duchess of Dementia and Sheogorath himself. The names are self-evident when looking at Dementia's Crucible and Mania's Bliss.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles

At the end of the Third Era, Sheogorath sent an invitation to Tamriel by way of a strange door in Niben Bay. The Madgod demanded a mortal Champion to face his foes. Throughout the course of the expansion, the Hero of Kvatch learns that Sheogorath is in fact Jyggalag, the Daedric Prince of Order. He tells the Hero that at the end of every era he becomes Jyggalag again, and lays waste to his own Realm. After the Champion eventually defeats Jyggalag, he explains that in ancient times he was one of the more powerful Daedra Lords. The influence of his sphere was so great that the other Daedric Princes grew jealous and feared him. They cursed him to live as Sheogorath, the incarnation of the thing he hated most.[5]

At the end of every Era, Jyggalag is allowed to take on his true form once again, and bring order to his realm, an event known as the Greymarch. After the Greymarch, however, he is transformed back into Sheogorath, who spreads madness upon the realm once more. The Champion can end this cycle by defeating Jyggalag during the Greymarch occurring at the end of the Third Era. This releases him from his curse, allowing him to remain in his true form instead of transforming back into Sheogorath. After defeating Jyggalag at the end of the expansion, the Champion is named the new Sheogorath.[6]

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

"I am a part of you, little mortal. I am a shadow in your subconscious, a blemish on your fragile little psyche. You know me. You just don't know it ... You can call me Ann Marie. But only if you're partial to being flayed alive and having an angry immortal skip rope with your entrails. If not, then call me Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness. Charmed."

During the Fourth Era and Dragon Crisis, Sheogorath is "on vacation" in the mind of Pelagius Septim III and his absence from the Shivering Isles is felt by his servant Dervenin who asks the Last Dragonborn to convince the Mad God to return to the Isles. The Dragonborn finds themselves in Pelagius's mind and dressed in a Fine Hat and clothes. After introductions, and delivering Dervenian's request, Sheogorath explains to the Dragonborn that the only way to leave is to "cure" Pelagius's brain and tasks the Dragonborn to do so, and gives the hero the Wabbajack to help. After completing Sheogorath's tasks, Sheogorath agrees to leave and allowed the Dragonborn to keep the Wabbajack and clothes. He even asks that the Dragonborn "look him up" if they ever find themselves in the Shivering Isles. He even takes Dervenin with him back to Oblivion.[7]

Physical appearance

Sheogorath, as summoned in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.

Sheogorath often appears on Nirn as a well-dressed elderly gentleman, which many mortals do not expect.

Reverence and worship

The Dunmer

Sheogorath during his vacations in Pelagius the Mad's mind.

Originally, Sheogorath was one of the Daedric Princes whom the Chimer, now Dunmer, revered in their ancient ancestral worship. However, when the Tribunal Temple became the dominating religion in Morrowind, Sheogorath—along with Mehrunes Dagon, Malacath, and Molag Bal—became known as one of the "Four Corners of the House of Troubles."[8] He was said to rebel against the Tribunal, and thus worship of Sheogorath became punishable by death. His role in Dunmer culture is to test them for any psychological weakness, and is associated with the fear other races have of the Dunmer.

When he rebelled against the Tribunal, Sheogorath tricked the moon Baar Dau, inspiring it to hurl itself at the city of Vivec. Sheogorath justified his actions by claiming Vivec was built in mockery of the heavens. Vivec is then said to have frozen Baar Dau in its descent, and the moon swore itself to the Tribunal's service forever. Today, the Tribunal Temple requires a pilgrimage to this moon, called the Shrine of Daring.

The Khajiit

Sheogorath is one of the many prominent Daedric Princes in the culture of the Khajiit people. In the Khajiit myth of creation, Sheogorath is called "Sheggorath." He is known as the "Skooma Cat" in Elsweyr.

Sheoggorath was believed to have been born from the union of Ahnurr and Fadomai. He is an adversarial spirit that tests Khajiit on the Path by making them doubt the truth of their own thoughts, beliefs, and actions. He must be faced along the Path and be overcome before a Khajiit can visit Hermorah's library.[9] Some Khajiit tribes believe Sheggorath is dead and has been replaced by something Other.[10]

The Empire

Sheogorath's status as a Daedric Prince and as a member of the "Four Corners of the House of Troubles" has made his mainstream worship largely taboo. Throughout Tamriel, however, there are small shrines where the devoted worship the madgod in secret. However, there is one holiday that is at least loosely related to Sheogorath. The second of Sun's Dawn is when Mad Pelagius day is celebrated. According to Gwinas, on this day there are great festivals and invocations at the shrines of Sheogorath.


There are six artifacts made by Sheogorath which are known on the mortal plane. The best-known of these is the staff known as Wabbajack. It can transform a creature into something else, turn them into piles of cheese, or instant death, though it is impossible to predict the result, much like Sheogorath himself. This artifact can be found in the games Daggerfall, Oblivion, Skyrim and Online, after doing tasks for Sheogorath, as part of certain quests. Another artifact is the Gambolpuddy glove, which fortifies half of the user's attributes while draining the other half. Gambolpuddy is seen in Morrowind, where it was found under a pillow in Ald Daedroth. His third artifact is the Fork of Horripilation, a fork which drains the user's magicka. It was given by the Statue of Sheogorath in Ihinipalit, in St. Delyn's Canton's Waterworks in Morrowind. The fourth artifact worth noting is the Staff of the Everscamp. This unique artifact in Oblivion summoned four Everscamps who could be neither banished nor killed. The fifth artifact of Sheogorath is the Spear of Bitter Mercy which can summon a Frost Atronach wherever the holder of the staff points the staff. The last artifact and Sheogorath's main symbol of rulership is the Staff of Sheogorath, which freezes all foes in place. A lesser-known artifact of Sheogorath is the Folium Discognitum, a book that contains the collected insights of madmen; capable of giving the reader immense power and knowledge.[11]


Sheogorath is one of the easiest Daedric Princes to summon. Although his official summoning date is the second of Sun's Dawn, Sheogorath can be summoned any time there is a storm occurring,[12] or through an offering of a wolf or bear pelt. Another method of invocation is to leave an offering of yarn, lettuce and soul gems at his shrines in the mortal world.

Personality and traits

"Do not believe madness to be a curse, mortal. For some, it is the greatest of blessings. A bitter mercy perhaps, but mercy nonetheless."

Sheogorath savors the act of driving mortals insane and/or making them perform actions which can be seen as trivial or silly.[12] He is completely unpredictable, and often comments in nonsensical or otherwise socially unacceptable statements. He often refers to the removal of entrails and has a curious obsession with cheese, which is taken to near hysterical levels in Oblivion. Despite being completely mad, Sheogorath displays incredible intelligence and insight. He is invested in the affairs of Oblivion, as seen in being part of the compact of Sotha Sil in 2920 and his mention of attending the "parties" of the other Princes. He has also shown to be capable of not only manipulating mortals, but other Daedra Lords as well. Some famous cases include when he manipulated Malacath into killing his own son, defeated Hircine in a battle of beasts, and beat Vaermina at her own game.

Sheogorath's attitude reflects the madness over which he rules. He spreads the madness of the Shivering Isles in Nirn and beyond. As one of the "Four Corners of the House of Troubles," he is known for a rebellious streak. He speaks with an exaggerated mix of Irish and Scottish accents, which is likely to be a stretch from his usual voice for when he is angry. This may be a legacy trait from his appearance as an Irishman/Scotsman in an earlier Elder Scrolls game. As the Greymarch progressed, Sheogorath's accent became less and less flamboyant as he began to have "moments of clarity" the closer he came to becoming The Prince of Order. A region in Morrowind, Sheogorad, is named in his honor.[source?]


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Quote Audio
"I see you have completed my little errand. Well done. Perhaps you've gotten a taste of madness aswell? Do not believe madness to be a curse, mortal. For some it is the greatest of blessings. A bitter mercy perhaps, but mercy non the less. Give me the Fork of Horripilation, I believe I have something more suitable for your needs. Go now. Remember what you have seen."
"Use the fork wisely, mortal. Few have wield to have not come away changed. Use the fork to strike a deathblow to the giant Bullnetch that resides near the hermit. Do this, return the Fork of Horripilation to me, and Sheogorath will reward you well."
"What is it, mortal? Have you come to be of the service to Sheogorath? That in and of itself speaks toward your madness. This pleases me. Fetch the Fork of Horripliation from the mad hermit near Ald Redaynia. Take care with him. He's not the most... stable man."
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Quote Audio
"Unworthy, unworthy, unworthy! Useless mortal meat. Walking bag of dung!"
"Bring me a champion! Rend the flesh of my foes! A mortal champion to wade through the entrails of my enemies!"
"Really, do come in. It's lovely in the Isles right now. Perfect time for a visit."
"Greetings! Salutations! Welcome! Now go away. Leave. Run. Or die."
"Isn't that a hoot? I love it, myself. Best part of being a Daedric Prince, really. Go ahead, try it again. He loves it!"
"Marvellous, marvellous! Self-immolation is a wonderful thing, isn't it? But now that we've had our fun, off to the Sacellum with you."
"I suppose an introduction is in order. I'm Sheogorath, Prince of Madness. And other things. I'm not talking about them."
"You should be off like the wind, solving problems and doing good deeds!"
"Time. Time is an artificial construct. An arbitrary system based on the idea that events occur in a linear direction at all times."
"Always forward, never back. Is the concept of time correct? Is time relevant? It matters not. One way or another, I fear that our time has run out."
"A new Gatekeeper! Excellent. We might be onto something with you, after all. That should keep out the stragglers."
"A little busy here! I'm trying to decide what to have for dinner. Oh, how I love eating. One of my favorite things to do."
"It's Jyggalag's time, and not a good time at all. You're going to help me stop it. First, though, you need to get your feet wet."
"Another Daedric Prince. Not a nice one. I don't think ANY of the other Princes like him, actually. I mean, Malacath is more popular at parties."
"The Daedric Prince of Order. Or biscuits... No. Order. And not in a good way. Bleak. Colorless. Dead. Boring, boring, boring."
"The Greymarch comes, and Jyggalag walks. Or runs. Never skips, sidles, or struts. Mostly, he just destroys everything around him."
"Once you understand what My Realm is, you might understand why it's important to keep it intact."
"Two halves, two rulers, two places. Meet and greet. Do what they will, so you know what they're about."
"Ask? ASK? I don't ask. I tell. This is My Realm, remember? My creation, My place, My rules."
"Wonderful! Time for a celebration... Cheese for everyone!"
"Makes all of my subjects uneasy. Tense. Homicidal. Some of them, at least. We need to get that Torch relit, before the place falls apart."
"You're going to stop the Greymarch by becoming Me. Or a version of Me. You'll be powerful. Powerful enough to stop Jyggalag."
"You know what would be a good sign? "Free Sweetrolls!" Who wouldn't like that?"
"You'll be my champion. You'll grow powerful. You'll grow to be me. Prince of Madness, a new Sheogorath. Or you'll die trying. I love that about you."
"Oh, don't forget to make use of dear Haskill. Between you and me, if he's not summoned three or four times a day, I don't think he feels appreciated."
"I hate indecision! Or maybe I don't. Make up your mind, or I'll have your skin made into a hat -- one of those arrowcatchers. I love those hats!"
"So, which is it? What will it be? Mania? Dementia? The suspense is killing me. Or you, if I have to keep waiting."
"Except where the backbone is an actual backbone. Ever been to Malacath's realm...? Nasty stuff. But, back to the business at hand."
"Happens every time. The Greymarch starts, Order appears, and I become Jyggalag and wipe out My whole Realm."
"Flee while you can, mortal. When we next meet I will not know you, and I will slay you like the others."
"Ah... New Sheoth. My home away from places that aren't my home. The current location is much better than some of the prior ones. Don't you think?"
"The Isles, the Isles. A wonderful place! Except when it's horrible. Then it's horribly wonderful. Good for a visit. Or for an eternity."
"Time to save the Realm! Rescue the damsel! Slay the beast! Or die trying. Your help is required."
"Daedra are the embodiment of change. Change and permanency. I'm no different, except in the ways that I am."
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Quote Audio
"Was it Molag? No, no... Little Tim, the toymaker's son? The ghost of King Lysandus? Or was it... Yes! Stanley, that talking grapefruit from Passwall."
"Well? Spit it out, mortal. I haven't got an eternity!"
"I am a part of you, little mortal. I am a shadow in your subconscious, a blemish on your fragile little psyche. You know me. You just don't know it."
"Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness. At your service."
"Oh, pardon me. Were you saying something? I do apologize, it's just that I find myself suddenly and irrevocably..."
"I mean, really. Here you stand, before Sheogorath himself, Daedric Prince of Madness, and all you deem fit to do is... deliver a message? How sad."
"Now you. You can call me Ann Marie."
"Oh... lovely. Now all my dear Pelagius has to worry about are the several hundred legitimate threats..."
"Ah, wonderful, wonderful! Why waste all that hatred on yourself when it can so easily be directed at others!"
"Mortal? Insufferable."
"Yes, yes, you're entirely brilliant. Conquering madness and all that. Blah blah blah."
"Ah, so now my dear Pelagius can hate himself for being legitimately afraid of things that actually threaten his existence..."
"Conquering paranoia should be a snap after that ordeal, hmm?"
"Welcome to the deceptively verdant mind of the Emperor Pelagius III. That's right! You're in the head of a dead, homicidally insane monarch."
"The Wabbajack! Huh? Huh? Didn't see that coming, did you?"


  • "Look Haskill! Forky's back! It's so nice to see him again! Oh. And good to see you too, mortal. I guess."
  • "The game is a foot. Or a leg. Or all manner of severed limbs!"
  • "Ah, my little mortal. I'm a man of many personalities, but tell you what? They're all very fond of you."
  • "Catch? Such an untrusting soul. If there were a catch, I'd say it's that two of my guests are murderous cannibals."
  • "It's been so long since we had guests. You would have loved my old Uncle Leo, back in the day. Charming dinner conversation, when he wasn't bringing up old girlfriends. Literally, regurgitating them. Nasty habit."
  • "Why do I need a reason for everything? Mortals, mortals, mortals! Always needing a reason to do things. For example: people think light chases away the shadows! I prefer to think that without a few lights, there'd be no shadows to enjoy."
  • "I should make you fight Narwhals on the open ocean. I should make you run a gauntlet of angry Argonian concubines! But I won't. Book's yours."
  • "No need to worry your pretty mortal head. The Wabbajack, it unleashes the potential in everyone. The unrecognized essence of artistic beauty that swells and beats within the— Look, you want the book? Whack some folks with the Wabbajack."



  • During the events of the Shivering Isles questline, the Hero of Kvatch becomes Sheogorath.
    • Sheogorath's dialogue in Skyrim suggests this as well. Referenced by Sheogorath, he first mentions that he was a part of the Oblivion Crisis, "...for that whole sordid affair."
    • He also mentions "butterflies, blood, a Fox, a severed head," and cheese, likely referencing the events of Oblivion and Shivering Isles.
    • Sheogorath's intention was, according to Haskill, for the Hero of Kvatch to mantle him. And at the end of the Shivering Isles questline, Haskill tells the Hero the mantling was successful, and that they'll "grow into the God they need to be."
  • If the Hero of Kvatch attacks Sheogorath in Oblivion, Sheogorath freezes them in-place, and calmly states "You really shouldn't have done that. Enjoy the view!" The player character is then teleported into the sky above the Shivering Isles, causing them to plummet to their death.
  • Sheogorath is the highest-leveled character in Oblivion.
  • Once the Shivering Isles questline is started, if Sheogorath is summoned at his shrine, he will be very disgruntled, saying, "Why are you summoning me? You have things to do. Things I told you to do!" He will, however, give the quest.
  • Sheogorath's accent is said to be a mix of both an exaggerated Scottish and Irish accent by his voice actor, Wes Johnson.
  • The setting in which Sheogorath is first seen in Skyrim resembles the Mad Hatter's tea party from Lewis Carroll's most famous work, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
  • Due to his nature as a Prince of Madness, Sheogorath's name may be derived from H. P. Lovecraft's Shoggoth.
  • Sheogorath is one of the only Daedric Princes known to have had an affair with a mortal, namely Relmyna Verenim.
  • If Sheogorath is summoned using Console Commands in Skyrim, and forced to go into combat, he will use Expert level Destruction spells and can conjure a Dremora Lord.
  • Sheogorath is the only character in Oblivion to have facial hair.
  • In the Myths of Sheogorath, it is mentioned that Sheogorath invented music by killing a woman and using some of her body parts as instruments.[13]
  • Sheogorath is one of four Daedric Princes in Skyrim to have a unique appearance, the others being Nocturnal, Sanguine and Hermaeus Mora.
  • In The Elder Scrolls: Blades, there exists a character named Theodor Gorlash, whose appearance and way of speaking resembles Sheogorath. Also his name is an anagram of "Lord Sheogorath."
  • Sheogorath was named after the game designer and Elder Scrolls co-creator Ted Peterson. Sheogorath being a corruption of his first name, Theodore.[UL 3]
  • During the quest Long Lost Lore in ESO, Sheogorath outright prophecizes the Eternal Champion's quest to reassemble the Staff of Chaos and the Warp in the West.
  • Sheogorath is voiced by Jeff Baker in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Craig Sechler in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion prior to The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles, Wes Johnson in Shivering Isles as well as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and JB Blanc in The Elder Scrolls Online.




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