Sheogorath's Protection

Sheogorath's Protection is a Lesser Power granted upon completion of the Shivering Isles main quest. Casting this spell will revive the Hero in New Sheoth Palace for 120 seconds. If the spell is cast as one is on the brink of death, they will be transported to the palace. If the player is not significantly injured when the power is cast, it will have no effect. Once at the palace, the Hero will lose all control of the character for a few seconds, while the palace healer casts a healing spell.

The spell does not make the Hero immune to damage, making it possible to die before the healer arrives even after reaching the palace.


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  • If one is killed while this spell is in effect, the player model may turn invisible, having lost all Attribute and Skill boosts, as well as Birthsign powers and racial attributes. Enemy creatures and characters will still be able to detect the player, although they will not be visible for the player.
    • Loading a previous save file may solve the issue.


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