Sheogorath's Protection is a lesser power granted upon completion of the main quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles. Casting the spell will transport the Hero to New Sheoth Palace if their health becomes low within 120 seconds of being cast. If the spell is cast when the Hero's health is past the point at which they would have been transported if the effect were active, they will be transported to the palace immediately. Once at the palace, the Hero will be healed by the Court Healer. Haskill will offer to return them to the location they were sent to the palace from.


  • The spell does not make the Hero immune to damage, making it possible to die before the healer arrives even after reaching the palace.
  • The spell will send the Hero to the palace only if their remaining amount of health is low. If the Hero will die, skipping the area of low health that triggers the effect of the spell, they will not be sent to the palace.


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  • If one is killed while this spell is in effect, the player model may turn invisible, having lost all Attribute and Skill boosts, as well as Birthsign powers and racial attributes. Enemy creatures and characters will still be able to detect the player, although they will not be visible for the player.confirmation needed
  •  PC   If the Hero used the spell and died within the palace while the spell's effect was active, the game will glitch constantly and the Hero will be stuck.
    •  PC(Fix)   This can be fixed by loading a previous save.


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