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Sheogorath's Quest is a quest undertaken by the Nerevarine during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. As suggested by the name, the quest is given by the Daedric Prince Sheogorath.


"What is it, mortal? Have you come to be of the service to Sheogorath? That in and of itself speaks toward your madness. This pleases me. Fetch the Fork of Horripliation from the mad hermit near Ald Redaynia. Take care with him. He's not the most... stable man."
―Sheogorath at the Shrine of Ihinipalit[src]

Sheogorath Quest Intro



During a walk through the Underworks of the St. Delyn Canton, the Nerevarine may spot the Shrine of Ihinipalit. Upon activating the Shrine, the Nerevarine is contacted by the Daedric Prince of Madness whom has a small task for the Nerevarine to complete.

The Fork of HorripilationEdit

Sheogorath's quest requires that the Nerevarine obtain the Fork of Horripilation and use it to kill the Giant Bull Netch residing peacefully in the Sheogorad region. In order to obtain the Fork, however, the Nerevarine must find an unsurprisingly mad hermit in Sheogorad. The hermit, by the name of Big Head, can be found by his shack to the north of Ald Redaynia. He will allow the Nerevarine to take the Fork for their quest.

Kill the Giant Bull NetchEdit

The Giant Bull Netch can be found to the east of Big Head's Shack, on its own, remote, island. The killing blow must be made with the Fork, so the Nerevarine is quite okay to wear the Bull Netch down with a more powerful weapon. Having killed the Giant Bull Netch with the Fork, the Nerevarine must return to the Shrine of Ihinipalit in order to receive their reward, the Spear of Bitter Mercy, from Sheogorath.


Journal Entry
I have entered the Shrine of Sheogorath and spoken with the Daedra Prince of Madness. He has offered me the opportunity to perform a service for him. First, I am to recover a powerful artifact, the Fork of Horripilation, from a mad hermit who lives on an island off the northernmost points of Tamriel. Then, I must slay a giant bull netch that has taken residence near this island. If I can do this, Sheogorath promises I will be rewarded well.
  • Quest accepted
While in Dagon Fel, I asked about the madman about whom Sheogorath spoke. They tell me there is an Argonian named Big Head who lives on an island north of Ald Redaynia.
I have found Big Head, and he is without a doubt a madman. I only hope he can lead me to the Fork of Horripilation.
I've asked the madman about the bull netch, and I believe he knows of it. It is hard to tell what he knows and what he simply imagines. I should be able to find it on an island east of here.
The madman Big Head has the Fork of Horripilation in his possession, and he has told me I can have it if I wish.
The giant bull netch is dead, as Sheogorath asked. However, I was not wielding the Fork of Horripilation when the netch met its end. My quest for the Prince of Madness is a failure.
I've used the Fork of Horripilation to kill the giant bull netch. Sheogorath is testing me, clearly. I have no doubt he is enjoying this greatly. I must now return to Sheogorath with the Fork.
I've returned to the Shrine of Sheogorath, and the Daedra Prince spoke with me again. He seemed pleased that I had completed my quest...not because he wanted the bull netch dead, but he enjoyed seeing me struggle to do it. He has rewarded me well, though, and given me the Spear of Bitter Mercy.
  • Quest complete


  • There is no actual element of size during this quest, despite the titles of the character's involved.
    • Big Head's head is not any bigger than a normal Argonian's.
    • The Giant Bull Netch is only the same size as a normal Bull Netch.
  • Big Head can be encountered again during the events of The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles.
  • The Fork of Horripilation can be encountered at any time.
    • The Giant Bull Netch can only be encountered during the quest.
    • The Fork will disappear from the game when it is returned to Sheogorath.

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