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Sheogorath of the House of Troubles is a Tribunal Temple quest, available to the Nerevarine in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


  1. Speak with Archcanon Tholer Saryoni.
  2. Head to Ald Daedroth.
  3. Return to Saryoni.


Once the Nerevarine has completed their pilgrimage to Molag Bal of the House of Troubles, Archcanon Tholer Saryoni will inform them about the final part of the Pilgrimages of the Four Corners. For this final Pilgrimage, the Nerevarine is instructed to head to Ald Daedroth (east of Dagon Fel) and activate the Statue of Sheogorath to complete the quest. Saryoni also dictates that the mystical gauntlet known as Gambolpuddy must be offered as tribute to the statue, although the exact location of the gauntlet is unknown.

Gauntlets and Madness

Upon entering Ald Daedroth, the Nerevarine's first task is to find Gambolpuddy from somewhere within the Daedric Ruin. Speaking with Ra'Gruzgob (an Orc who believes that he is, in fact, a Khajiit) will reveal Gambolpuddy's location (under a pillow in the Antechamber). With Gambolpuddy in their inventory, the Nerevarine may then find the Statue and offer the gauntlet as tribute. The Nerevarine will be given the Blessings of the Fourth Corner (Fortify and Drain Intelligence, Luck, Personality and Willpower: 1–25pts for 24 minutes) and will then be able to return to Saryoni to complete the quest.


Sheogorath of the House of Troubles
ID Journal Entry
10 Tholer Saryoni told me that the Fourth Corner of the House of Troubles is Sheogorath. I must renew a pact with Sheogorath by finding a glove called the "Gambolpuddy" and donating it to Sheogorath's statue in Ald Daedroth. This shrine is on an island between Vvardenfell and Azura's Coast.
  • Quest accepted
 100  I made the Pilgrimage to Ald Daedroth and read a passage from the Four Corners of the House of Troubles. The pact with Sheogorath has been renewed.
  • Quest complete


  • Sheogorath can also be contacted at the Shrine of Ihinipalit (within the St. Delyn Canton).
    • The Ihinipalit Shrine is required for Sheogorath's Quest and cannot be used to complete this quest.
    • Likewise, Sheogorath's Quest cannot be completed by visiting the Ald Daedroth statue.
  • Gambolpuddy will disappear after it is given to the shrine as tribute.
  • The loot within Ald Daedroth may be cursed, causing a Dremora to spawn when picked up.
  • This quest must be done after the visit to Molag Bal's Statue in the previous Pilgrimage.

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