Shezarr, also called the Missing Sibling, is the Cyrodilic version of Lorkhan.[1] While initially revered as a deity by the Nords, the melding of Nordic and Aldmeri culture at around 1E 242 during the formation of the Alessian Empire resulted in what can be described as the "spirit behind all human undertaking." Despite obvious similarities to Shor, this was accepted by the Nords.[2]

Even though he is still worshipped in small cults in Cyrodiil,[2] his importance suffered greatly when Akatosh began to be worshipped in the province. He is now mostly forgotten.[3] He is connected with the Shezarrines, extremely powerful heroes who appeared throughout history, such as Pelinal Whitestrake.[4] Saint Alessia believed that "freedom" was just another name for Shezarr.[5] The creation myth in which Shezarr is described as the god who convinced the other Aedra to create Nirn can be read in The Monomyth.

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