"My beloved certainly enjoys a good meal! It makes my heart sing to see him so happy!"
―Shield-Wife Oshgana[src]

Shield-Wife Oshgana is an Orsimer shield-wife of King Kurog found in his tent at Frostbreak Fortress's battlements in Wrothgar. She is the sister of her fellow shield-wife.


For King and Glory

You're the king's bodyguard? "I'm more than just a simple bodyguard. I am the king's favorite shield-wife. My sister and I protect our beloved. We train with him, sleep with him, and fight at his side when the need arises. Ah, just thinking about him makes me smile!"

At the Temple of Ire:

"One of the priests finally managed to open the temple doors. It appears that you had the situation mostly well in hand, from what I can see."

In the Name of the King

"Ah, welcome back, friend of my beloved and ally to the king! I'm glad that my beloved has someone as noble and trustworthy as you at his side. It does my heart good to see him make a new friend."

"Don't mind Razbela. She really does love our beloved, but she takes her role as the king's protector very seriously. Just do your best and I'm sure everything will turn out all right in the end."


A King-Sized Problem

King Kurog: "Damn it, you two always show up and ruin my fun!"
Shield-Wife Razbela: "Oh, I have not even begun to ruin your fun, my king. But let's leave the pleasantries for later. We have an urgent situation to report."
King Kurog: "I can never tell when you're joking. Fine. What's so important?"
Shield-Wife Oshgana: "The Trinimac temple has been attacked, my beloved. Malacath devotees have barricaded the doors and taken the priests as hostages."
King Kurog: "These fanatics dare to attack my city? My people‽ I'll deal with them personally!"
Forge-Mother Alga: "You will do no such thing, my son. After what happened in the throne room, this is undoubtedly a trap."
King Kurog: "I won't sit by while they attack my city!"
Forge-Mother Alga: "This problem requires a personal solution, and I have a perfect idea. Outsider, let us talk."


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