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Shimmerene is a city on the eastern coast of the island of Summerset in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset. As a major port city, it has the largest population of immigrants in the Summerset Isles. In fact, debates over Queen Ayrenn's decree to allow foreigners onto the island have "dominated the conversation" within Shimmerene,[1] with many citizens being staunchly in support of[2] or opposed to[3] the relaxed borders.



Main questsEdit

The Queen's DecreeEdit

Razum-dar asks the Vestige to ask three citizens of Shimmerene their opinions on Queen Ayrenn's decree to allow other races onto the island of Summerset.

Side questsEdit

A Tale of Two MothersEdit

An Altmer named Lanarie asks the Vestige to look for her missing son, Arathel, whom the authorities arrested on accounts of his alleged involvement in a plot to kill a Sapiarch.

Old WoundsEdit

A well-respected Mer named Halimorion was murdered by a mysterious assassin known only as the Ghost of the Green. Linwenvar asks the Vestige to help with the investigation.

The Runaway's TaleEdit

Esterdel asks the Vestige to find his wife or a proof of her death.

Notable itemsEdit

Quest items


Anchors Aweigh InnEdit

Ealaren's HouseEdit

Fighters GuildEdit

Kinlady Avinisse's MansionEdit

Mages GuildEdit

Monastery of Serene HarmonyEdit

Monastery of Serene Harmony
Monastery Undercroft

Nyderion's Boarding HomeEdit

Plaza of the EightEdit

Prisoner's HoldEdit

Shimmerene DockworksEdit

Southern area
Northern area

Shimmerene WaterworksEdit


Tanulldel's HouseEdit

The Ruins BazaarEdit

Vinwysea's HouseEdit

Outside front gateEdit

West of the cityEdit

South of the cityEdit


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