The Shimmerene Dockworks are docks that appears in the city of Shimmerene, Summerset. The Adept Rider set can be crafted here.


Shimmerene WaterworksEdit

An entrance to the Shimmerene Waterworks may be found on the southern part of the dock, past Justiciar Nurofire's desk. It is hidden behind several pillars, but can be entered freely. Another entrance to the Waterworks is a tunnel labeled "Broken Passage" in Kinlady Avinisse's Mansion, but it cannot be used as an exit from the rest of the Waterworks.


The Queen's DecreeEdit

Razum-dar asks the Vestige to ask three citizens of Shimmerene their opinions on Queen Ayrenn's decree to allow other races onto the island of Summerset.

Notable itemsEdit


Southern area
Northern area

* These characters are quest-related and may only be present during said quest.




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