"Built piecemeal over two millennia, this subterranean labyrinth of fresh-water aqueducts, reservoirs, cisterns, waste pools, and drainage culverts has secret nooks and crannies unknown even to Shimmerene's sanitation engineers."
―Shimmerene Waterworks Loading Screen[src]

The Shimmerene Waterworks is a sewer that appears underneath the city of Shimmerene in Summerset. In the basement of Kinlady Avinisse's Mansion is an entrance to the Waterworks titled "Broken Passage," but this cannot be used as an exit after dropping down into the Waterworks themselves. Another entrance to the Waterworks may be found on the northern coast of the city, at the docks.


Shimmerene AquaductsEdit

Main location.

Mother's DenEdit

A sublocation of the Shimmerene Waterworks, the entrance to the Mother's Den is not clearly marked. It can be found on a wall facing southward in the southeastern part of the Waterworks.

Mirulon's ChamberEdit

The westernmost part of the waterworks, where Mirulon is located.


A Tale of Two MothersEdit

An Altmer named Lanarie asks the Vestige to look for her missing son, Arathel, whom the authorities arrested on accounts of his alleged involvement in a plot to kill a Sapiarch. A famous aprax Mother of Rats lives here.

Notable itemsEdit



* These characters are quest-related and may only be present during said quest.




Mother's DenEdit


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