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Shishi Report is a Ald Velothi quest available to the Nerevarine during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


"House Redoran sent a party to destroy the Telvanni base Shishi. They were supposed to report back to me, but they have not done so. I need someone to find out what's going on and bring me the Shishi Report."
Theldyn Virith[src]



Speaking to Theldyn Virith about duties will reveal that an expedition that he sent to a former Velothi outpost, Shishi, has failed to report on their situation. He informs the Nerevarine that the expedition was tasked with clearing the outpost of House Telvanni members before writing a report of the encounter. Virith, therefore, requires that the Nerevarine obtain the report from Shishi and (if possible) find out what has happened to the Redoran members.


The Shishi outpost can be found along Foyada Bani-Dad (which runs into the Ashlands past Maar Gan) to the northwest of Maar Gan. Once there the Nerevarine must speak with Brerama Selas in the outpost whom will hand over the Report to be given to Virith. The Nerevarine may return to Virith at this point, although there is more to discover in Shishi.

Faves AndasEdit

Inside Shishi the Nerevarine may also encounter Temis Romavel. Romavel will reveal that it is his belief that there is one remaining Telvanni member hidden within Shishi. A skull near to Romavel will reveal a hidden trapdoor to the lower level of Shishi where Faves Andas, the last Telvanni member in Shishi, is hiding. Once killed, the Nerevarine may return to Virith, receiving a more generous welcome from the Redoran quest giver than if the Nerevarine had simply returned with the Report.


Shishi Report
IDJournal Entry
10Theldyn Virith was expecting a report from a House Redoran assault on the Telvanni base Shishi. He wants me to go to Shishi and find out what is going on. Shishi is in the Foyada Bani-Dad northwest of Maar Gan.
  • Quest accepted
30Brerama Selas gave her report on Shishi. Brerama Selas believes all the Telvanni are dead.
100Theldyn Virith thanked me for bringing him Brerama Selas' report from Shishi.
  • Quest complete
 110 Theldyn Virith thanked me for taking care of the last Telvanni at Shishi.
  • Quest complete


  • This quest has a counterpart, intended for members of House Telvanni (see: Shishi (Quest))
    • In this quest the Nerevarine must save Faves Andas from House Redoran.
  • This quest can be completed without being a member of House Redoran.

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