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Shock Damage is an enchantment in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Weapons enchanted with this effect deal damage to health, and half of the damage done to health is subtracted from the target's magicka. Shock damage is also the primary component of at least six destruction spells in Skyrim.


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The Dragonborn can learn this enchantment by disenchanting a weapon of any sort with the Shock Damage Enchantment already imbued. The enchanted weapon will glow a dark bluish-purple, and deal a certain amount of additional shock damage along with the standard weapon's damage, as well as half as much Magicka damage. The higher the Dragonborn's Enchanting skill (along with any Fortify Enchanting potions taken), the more damage dealt on both Health and Magicka.


Because of its Magicka-draining capabilities, weapons that are shock-enchanted and shock-based spells are the ideal implements for combating wizards and other beings who utilize magic-based attacks. Shock-enchanted bows and crossbows are the most recommended, as wizards often tend to create a gap between themselves and an opponent to utilize ranged spells to attack from a distance. Also, it is incredibly important to remember that there are very few enemies in the game that bear a resistance or outright immunity to shock damage; Storm Atronachs, Netches, Shock Spiders and Orchendor are creatures that possess this trait.

Combined with other effectsEdit

With the use of the Extra Effect perk, Shock damage can be mixed with Frost damage for an especially devastating effect, as health, stamina and magicka are all drained simultaneously. However, some enemies, such as vampires, are mostly if not completely immune to frost damage, so it is advised to exercise caution when dealing with these enemy types.


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Spells that deal Shock Damage:

Unique weaponsEdit

Besides the occasional staff, there is also quite an assemblage of unique weapons in the game that each bear shock-based enchantments. This trait is shared by but not limited to the following:


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