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The Shock Shield effect combines the effects Resist Shock and Shield, to further protect against Shock Damage. Its magnitude is considered as armor against both physical damage and elemental shock. Shock Shield can be added to spells via an Altar of Spellmaking or added to apparel via an Altar of Enchanting. Scrolls of Shock Shield can be obtained from chests and hostile mages. Shock Shield is also an effect gained by consuming potions or their ingredients. Sigil Stones may contain this effect.


Name Level Effect Range MagickaIcon Duration Acquisition
Lightning Shield Journeymen (50) Shock Shield 20% Self 131 30 secs Orintur sells
Lightning Wall Expert (75) Shock Shield 30% Self 14 30 secs Orintur sells

Enchanting and spellmakingEdit

Apparel items enchanted with this effect may be beneficial for Altmer characters and those under the The Apprentice birthsign. Altmer possess a 20% Weakness to Elemental Damage, while those born under The Apprentice have a 100% Weakness to Magic.

Spells of this variety can be custom-crafted to affect self, or another target, similar to Shield Other. Employing this option may be useful during "Defense of Bruma" and "Light the Dragonfires," when several important persons must be defended. Because Daedra and Dremora are fought during these quests, it is likely they will cast shock spells.


Ingredients containing this effect:

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