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Shoes of St. Rilms is a quest offered to the Nerevarine by the Tribunal Temple, during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.



Once the Nerevarine has completed the "Silent Pilgrimage," they will be tasked with obtaining an ancient relic of the Temple, the Shoes of St. Rilms. Endryn Llethan reveals that the Shoes were seen in a vision of a priest within the Daedric Shrine of Ald Sotha, near a statue of Mehrunes Dagon. The Nerevarine must journey there, and acquire them.

Ald Sotha can be found northwest of Vivec City. It is inhabited by several hostile cultists and leveled Daedra. Descend down from the upper level through the lower level to the shrine. On the platform behind the large statue of Mehrunes, a locked chest can be found, containing the relics. Just below it are two other locked chests containing random loot. Once the shoes are in the Nerevarine's possession, they may be returned to Llethan to complete the quest.


Shoes of St. Rilms
IDJournal Entry
10Endryn Llethan asked me to find the Shoes of St. Rilms and return them to the Temple. A priest recently dreamt that the shoes were in the depths of Ald Sotha northeast of Vivec.
  • Quest accepted
100Endryn Llethan thanked me for returning the sacred Shoes of St. Rilms.
  • Quest complete
110The Shoes of St. Rilms have been entrusted to my care.
  • Quest complete


  • Once the Nerevarine has risen to the rank of Patriarch in the Temple, they may be given the Shoes by Llethan.
  • If the Nerevarine has the shoes in their possession before obtaining the quest, they may give them directly to Llethan.
    • The dialogue option "Give her the shoes" will be available, despite the fact that Llethan is male.

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