Shriekscorn is a champion of the Crow's Wood public dungeon. Killing this creature counts towards the "Hero of Crow's Wood" and "Slayer of Crow's Wood" achievements.


  • Draining bite – Interruptible direct attack
  • Scrape – Direct attack
  • Screech – AoE cone front attack


  • Crow's Wood
  • Located on the cliff overlooking the burned cabin.  Go through the tunnel that leads from the cabin toward the witch's tower. Pass all the spiders, up the stairs. At the top of the stairwell exit, turn right and go along the edge of the top of the hallway. The cliff is a short walk back, and skriekscon is in the far corner.
  • Note that the image with all the Crow's Wood champions locations has the wrong location for where Shriekscorn spawns. 



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