Shrike was the baron of Lainlyn during the Warp in the West, and he was the leader of the regional knightly order, the Host of the Horn. Baron Shrike was described as a tyrannical ruler, and many members of the court wanted a change from this dictatorship. Among these people are Lord Kain, one of the leaders of the knightly order, and Shrike's younger brother. Lord Kain created a new knightly order called the Knights of the True Horn and he organized a coup d'état to fight Shrike's rule. The coup ended in failure, and members of the True Horn dispersed across Western Tamriel. Baron Shrike would remain the leader of Lainlyn into the Warp in the West. Shrike's Lainlyn would become a part of the Kingdom of Sentinel along with other regions in the Iliac Bay.[1][2]



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