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"Have you seen that Shrine of Azura? They say the dark elves built it after they fled from Morrowind. Sight to see."
―Generic Dialogue[src]
For other uses, see Azura's Shrine.

The Shrine of Azura is devoted to the following of the Daedric Prince Azura. It is located to the south of Winterhold, and one priestess, Aranea Ienith, remains at the shrine. Traveling to the shrine by foot can be dangerous, as there is frequently a dragon in the vicinity.


When asked about its history, Aranea claims that several Dunmer faithful to Azura fled Morrowind, receiving visions of the coming eruption of Red Mountain and the slave uprising, later known as the Red Year. They took up residence near Winterhold and built the Shrine in homage to Azura.[source?]


The only inhabitant of Azura's Shrine is Aranea Ienith. Upon completing the quest "The Black Star" and cleansing Azura's Star, she becomes a potential follower. She is a mage, skilled in Destruction, Restoration, Illusion, and Conjuration magic.


The Black Star

Many years ago, Malyn Varen was exiled from the College of Winterhold for pursuing questionable research with Soul Gems. Malyn was trying to find a way to prolong his spirit, and he believed that storing his soul inside the Daedric Artifact, Azura's Star, would prevent him from dying.


  • If Serana is a follower, she might approach the shrine and pray at it much like Aranea Ienith does when you first arrive.