The shrine is dedicated to Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric Prince of Destruction, Change, Revolution and Ambition. The door to the interior of the shrine is sealed, and the site devoid of any worshipers, until Silus Vesuius' quests are done. In order to gain access to the interior of the shrine, the quest Pieces of the Past can be completed by killing Silus Vesuius. Regardless of if you kill Silus Vesuius, Mehrunes Dagon will summon leveled Dremora to kill you, if they are killed their bodies contain a Key to Mehrunes' Shrine and you can gain entrance.


Nearby locales

The Shrine is situated midway between The Lord Stone and Skyborn Altar, the latter of which being a Dragon Lair. There is a path leading up into the mountains, just west of Hall of the Vigilant, which has a stone marker and leads steeply in a south westerly direction towards a set of steps leading to the Shrine.

Alternate paths and cliffs

There is also another path directly south of Fort Dunstad leading in a westerly direction. This path has no markers. It winds up into the mountains, and near the peak it does a hairpin turn around a giant rock plinth.


*At the end of Pieces of the Past, confirmed only at high levels, Daedric items are rare drops from the Dremora.



  • The Dremora encountered here have Black Souls that can be trapped with Black Soul Gems or The Black Star.
  • Behind the Shrine is a firebowl in which you can find some valuable loot, including potions, enchanted weapons, and Soul Gems.
  • The Dremora can be used to obtain sizeable quantities of Daedra Hearts, because the Dremora respawn after an ingame week.
  • The loot found within the shrine also respawns, allowing the Dragonborn to make a quick profit by selling some of the loot.
  • The two Dremora that patrol the exterior of the shrine will only spawn after Pieces of the Past has been completed but may also spawn in similar time to the shrine's loot, This is yet to be confirmed as a bug.
  • A good way to tell if the loot and Dremora have respawned is to not fast travel to the shrine itself, but to fast travel to the nearby Lord Stone. The reason is because the bandits respawn at the same time the Dremora do. If the bandits are not there, it is not likely that either the Dremora or the loot inside have respawned either. The good thing about doing this is that you get experience and you do not reset the timer for the respawn on the Dremora and loot within the shrine.
  • All items dropped in the shrine will remain there.


  • When turned into Dead Thralls, the Dremora at the shrine may go missing, randomly reappearing some time later, often hostile with a reset inventory, (keys to Mehrune's Shrine included) and attacking any unsuspecting NPCs in the vicinity.
  • The Dremora and/or loot inside the shrine will not respawn if you come back before a week's in game time. Upon reentering the shrine before a week has passed, the timer will reset, forcing you to wait another week without entering the shrine before they will respawn.
  • A Gold Ingot on the left side of the shrine by the chest will often fall partially through the floor. The ingot is still visible, but it cannot be taken.
  • NOTE: If Silus is killed instead of accepting the quest "Pieces of the Past", the player will no longer be able to ever access Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon. Since there is a necessary key to access, and only Silus' quest enables the access of the shrine, one will not be able to access the shrine nor be able to get the achievement/trophy of attaining all daedric artifacts. The only possibility of reverting this is starting a new character and not killing silus, or going to an earlier save when Silus is alive.
  • Sometimes the dremora never respawn, albeit very rarely.
  • If the player dies to the Dremora or leaves the shrine for 2–5 days without getting a key,The Dremora will despawn, This bug is extremly rare(0.03% chance) and can be fixed by returning to an earlier save.
  •  PS3   If the player discovers the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon before starting Pieces of the Past, then Silus will simply stand at the shrine and not move. This also occurs if a cave bear attacks the player at the shrine's base.
    • Solution: Revert to a save before discovering Mehrunes Shrine.


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