The Shrine of Sanguine is a daedric shrine located north and slightly west of Skingrad. The exact location can be given by Fadus Calidius at the Skingrad Fighters Guild, if asked about "Daedric Shrines," or Falanu Hlaalu from All Things Alchemical, also in Skingrad, if asked about "Daedra Cult."


The Shrine is attended by three worshipers, Ashni, Faurinthil and Engorm. Engorm will tell how to summon the Daedra: an offering of Cyrodilic Brandy



Sanguine tells the Hero that there is to be a dinner party at Castle Leyawiin hosted by Countess Alessia Caro. This party, Sanguine suspects, will be as "stuffy" as Alessia herself, so he sends them to liven up the party with a spell called Stark Reality which is to be cast on the Countess and her guests.

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