Shrine of Talos Massacre is an unmarked location found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The scene of this massacre can be found in the foothills of Lake Ilinalta, southwest of the Guardian Stones and northeast of Pinewatch. It is also a very short distance away from where Lakeview Manor can be built.HF

From the Guardian Stones, head east uphill following the winding cobble path. Eventually the path will split in two—take a right heading southwest past a fallen tree and a large rock on the right. Straight ahead is a short stepped path that leads to a rocky promontory upon which stands a shrine of Talos.


At the shrine is the aftermath of a massacre; four Talos worshipers have died fighting a "Thalmor Soldier" who is also dead. The Thalmor is dressed like a Justiciar and has Thalmor orders signed by First Emissary Elenwen, referring to him as Agent Sanyon.

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  • The Thalmor soldier corpse is named "Thalmor Soldier," even though in his orders he is referred to as "Agent Sanyon." There is another person named Sanyon, but it is unlikely that he has any relation to the Agent.
  • This location is known as "Shrine of Talos: Ilinalta Foothills" in the Prima official game guide.


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