The Shrine to Peryite is located in the Reach, far to the northeast of Markarth. It is directly southwest of Dragontooth Crater and Harmugstahl, and northwest of Karthwasten.


The Only Cure

Upon approaching the shrine a Khajiit named Kesh the Clean lists what materials are needed to speak to Peryite, starting the quest.

  • A Deathbell Flower
  • A Flawless Ruby
  • A Silver Ingot
  • Vampire Dust

After the items are collected, Kesh puts them into a Dwemer incense burner in the shrine and after inhaling the fumes the Dragonborn can speak to Peryite.


Notable item

Alchemy Ingredients


  • Druadach Dwemer Pavillion: There are some Dwemer ruins very close to the shrine, guarded by a Wispmother.
  • Unlike most Daedric Shrines, the Shrine to Peryite does not give the Dragonborn a visual representation of the Daedric Prince, unlike in Oblivion in which a Dragon-like figure is seen. During the conversation with Peryite however, apparations of skeevers may appear. These could represent Peryite's familiars, his own conduit on the mortal plane or possibly just hallucinations from the fumes.
  • Totem to Peryite: Behind the shrine to the southeast, at the bottom of the mountain are the 'roots' of the shrine. A chest containing random loot, a dead Wood Elf and a random enchanted dagger are next to the pillar depicting Peryite, similar to the pillars found in Bthardamz. There is also a chest containing leveled loot and the Illusion skill book Incident at Necrom.


  •  PS3   Sometimes getting close to The Shrine of Peryite with a horse and dismounting will cause the horse to teleport a long distance away, killing it by fall damage. The game can also freeze
  • Vampire dust has been known to turn into another flawless ruby which is also needed for the quest.
  •  PS3  Sometimes after offering the four items, the quest will not be updated properly, and Kesh the Clean still expects the items to be delivered to him. There will be no dialogue anymore to further the quest, even if the items are gathered a second time. Reproduced with PS3 patch


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