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Shrouded Armor is a set of light armor worn by most Dark Brotherhood members, consisting of two parts, the Shrouded Armor and Shrouded Hood. It is extremely light-weight and has a number of enchantments that favor stealth-oriented characters.

Location[edit | edit source]

The Hero receives a set from Ocheeva upon joining the Dark Brotherhood. Shrouded armor is a single piece of equipment that covers the whole body except the head, meaning no boots, greaves, gauntlets, or cuirasses can be equipped in addition to it.

Attributes by piece[edit | edit source]

Piece ArmorIcon.png WeightIcon.png Health-icon.png Gold Enchantment ID
Shrouded Armor 15 2.35 440 0 Fortify Skill: Sneak 8pts
Fortify Skill: Illusion 8pts
Fortify Skill Marksman 8pts
Fortify Skill: Blade 8pts
Fortify Skill: Acrobatics 8pts
Shrouded Hood 2.5 0.5 80 0 Fortify Skill: Sneak 2pts
Fortify Skill: Illusion 2pts
Fortify Skill: Marksman 2pts
Fortify Skill: Blade 2pts
Fortify Skill: Acrobatics 2pts
Total 17.5 2.85 520 0

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