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Shrouded Armor is a set of light armor worn by most Dark Brotherhood members, consisting of two parts, the Shrouded Armor and Shrouded Hood. It is extremely light-weight and has a number of enchantments that favor stealth-oriented characters.


The Hero receives a set from Ocheeva upon joining the Dark Brotherhood. Shrouded armor is a single piece of equipment that covers the whole body except the head, meaning no boots, greaves, gauntlets, or cuirasses can be equipped in addition to it.

Attributes by pieceEdit

Piece ArmorIcon WeightIcon Health-icon GoldIcon Enchantment ID
Shrouded Armor 15 2.35 440 0 Fortify Skill: Sneak 8pts
Fortify Skill: Illusion 8pts
Fortify Skill Marksman 8pts
Fortify Skill: Blade 8pts
Fortify Skill: Acrobatics 8pts
Shrouded Hood 2.5 0.5 80 0 Fortify Skill: Sneak 2pts
Fortify Skill: Illusion 2pts
Fortify Skill: Marksman 2pts
Fortify Skill: Blade 2pts
Fortify Skill: Acrobatics 2pts
Total 17.5 2.85 520 0



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