Shrouded Grove is an area just north of Korvanjund that contains a cave.

Shrouded Grove CaveEdit

Inside the cave the Dragonborn will witness level-dependent animals fighting each other (typically ice wolves, bears, snow bears or snowy sabre cats). After walking around the small corner, a spriggan matron or spriggan earth mother will emerge and attack the Dragonborn. With a high enough Sneak skill, it is possible to see the inactive spriggan leaning against a tree trunk where it can easily be dispatched with a sneak attack; it will come alive and attack if detected.


Shalidor's InsightsEdit

Shrouded Grove is a possible location for the book Shalidor's Insights, which Urag gro-Shub of the College of Winterhold may ask the Dragonborn to retrieve. It is found in a chest towards the back of the cave.

Notable itemsEdit



  • Some of the dead draugr are harder to spot, but there are actually about three corpses.


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