Shunned Shipwreck is a shipwreck run aground along the western coast of the Bitter Coast region. It is southwest from the Abandoned Shack in Gnaar Mok. Like most shipwrecks found around Vvardenfell, the wreck consists of a cabin, upper level, and lower level. This wreck is mostly submerged and holds assortment of ingredients. The lower level contains several crates of Skooma and some miscellaneous Soul Gems.


This typical cabin is partially flooded and contains a wooden chest, old rotting barrel, and a cloth sack sitting on a table. A travel lantern hangs inside the door.

Upper LevelEdit

The upper level of the ship is mostly flooded but there is a narrow pocket of air that runs the length of the ship.

Lower LevelEdit

This level is completely flooded and contains a few crates and a chest. The containers' inventory is static.




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