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All quests unrelated to the main quest are randomly generated that are not related to the storyline. Thus, are not required to finish the main storyline. They can be started by talking to NPCs and asking about rumors. Here are three types of side quests in The Elder Scrolls: Arena:

Dungeon Quests: These quests come in three forms, a simple 'go kill this', 'go rescue so and so' and a 'go bring me this', the difference between the latter and the delivery quests, is that one has to go through an entire dungeon to get it.

The killing quests are simple, one just has to go to the dungeon that is created, clear it out and return to the quest giver.

The rescue missions are tad bit more annoying, not only must one clear out a dungeon, one has to escort an NPC back to the quest giver.

The bringing items quest are simple, all one has to do is go and clear out the dungeon and pick up the item. Then return to the quest giver.

Examples for each of these are below:

  • Rescue Shuckeki from the Wharf Rats - (Quest giver: Princess Modk, Belkarth Guard Palace. Talk to the princess, go to random dungeon location, rescue the princess' sister, escort her back to Belkarth Guard)

FedEx: The delivery quests, these are very simple. All one has to do is go to the location and the NPC, get the item and return to the questgiver. Easy.

  • Test-tube of chemicals - (Quest giver: Inn-keeper Golden Pit, Belkarth Guard. Run to the mage's guild, talk to the wizard there, run back to Golden Pit, talk to the inn-keeper)
  • Important letter - (Quest giver: Inn-keeper White Griffn, Belkarth Guard. Run to Buv's Quality Weaponry Store, talk to the blacksmith, run back to White Griffin, talk to the inn-keeper)

Escort: These missions are somewhat easy, all one has to do is escort an NPC to a randomly determined place.

  • During escort missions, a picture of the escorted person will appear on screen.

As the world of TES:Arena is randomly generated, so too are the quests and the dungeons. There may be occasions wherein players have got the same quest, but that is coincidence. (or pure luck)


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