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Miscellaneous quests, commonly known as side quests, are a type of quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This category does not encompass quests listed under the 'Miscellaneous' heading in the Quests Menu, but named quests that lack any greater designation. Essentially, if a quest is not part of the Main Quest, Daedric, Civil War, or other faction quests, it is a miscellaneous quest. Named miscellaneous quests are indicated by the Miscellaneous Quest Emblem above, and count toward the Sideways trophy; unnamed miscellaneous quests do not.

The following are quests that have been confirmed to count as side quests. They can be tracked via the 'Side Quests Completed' statistic, found under "Quest" in the General Stats Menu.





The PaleEdit

The ReachEdit

The RiftEdit


Winterhold HoldEdit


Multi HoldEdit

Achievements and trophiesEdit

Sideways (Achievement)
Complete 10 Side Quests
Points 20 Gamer points
Bronze trophy

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