Siege Weapons are used by players for the Alliance War in Cyrodiil in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Purchasing and usageEdit

Trebuchets, catapults, ballistae, and battering rams are available to capture and use. They can be obtained and constructed by anyone that has the alliance points to purchase them. Rams are mobile, and ballistae, catapults, flaming oil and trebuchets can be packed up after they're deployed so that they can be repositioned for further, more tactical uses. If an enemy siege operator is killed, players can set the weapon on fire and it will get destroyed very quickly.

Types of Siege WeaponsEdit

  • Battering Ram – Useful against doors.
  • Trebuchet – Best used against keep walls and can even be fired into keep courtyards and on the walls due to their long range and arcing shots.
  • Catapults – Wide area siege weapon that can be combined with effects such as disease. Useful against large groups of players.
  • Ballistae – Useful to destroy other Siege Weapons and against players.
  • Flaming Oil – This can be used to defend against attacks by Battering Rams and breaking up groups of players charging into breaches in the walls and doors.


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