Siege of Castle Karstaag is a quest in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.


  1. Rest anywhere and watch the cutscene.
  2. Head through the doors at Castle Karstaag.
  3. Speak to Dulk the Riekling in the throne room.
  4. Enter the Banquet hall and kill all the Rieklings.
  5. Enter the caves and kill the Grahl and the Riekling Krish.
  6. Speak to the Riekling in the throne room again.
  7. Wait until Hircine contacts you and gives you a Hunter's Wind spell.


Rest and watch the cutscene, Hircine will tell you of a Rebellion at Castle Karstaag that he wants you to stop because the leader has his favor. You will be in werewolf form which will make traveling to Castle Karstaag much easier than walking there if you are on Solstheim, otherwise you will probably want to wait until you transform back, though you will lose a large amount of health (unless you kill a person nearby). Castle Karstaag is most easily found by heading North of Skaal Village and following the coast west.

When you enter, a Riekling named Dulk will speak to you. He will tell you that another Riekling named Krish is trying to take over the castle, and has enlisted the help of a number of grahl. Dulk will tell you they are holding up in the caverns, and will ask you to kill them.

Head through the Banquet hall into the caverns. There are a number of hostile Rieklings in the banquet hall. Once in the cavern, begin hunting down all the grahl. Using stealth is probably a good idea here, as werewolves cannot rest to take care of the damage you take from them, and they can be tough once you have sustained damage. Krish will also be down here, but he is not a threat.

Once Krish and all the grahl are dead, you will get a journal message. Head back up and speak with Dulk. He will tell you that his master Karstaag will be pleased when he gets home.


The following night, Hircine will once again contact you in a dream. He will praise you for your good work, and will grant you with the spell "Hunter's Wind" to completely heal yourself once a day.


Siege of Castle Karstaag – BM_FrostGiant2
ID Journal Entry
10I have been sent another dream by the Daedra Lord Hircine. He has told me that Castle Karstaag, at the north shore of the island, is under siege by renegade servants. The owner of the castle is important to him, and Hircine would like me to enter the castle and kill the rebellious creatures.
  • Quest accepted
50I have entered Castle Karstaag and spoken to a Riekling named Dulk. He tells me that another Riekling named Krish has enlisted the help of grahl to attempt to take control of the castle. I should enter the caverns below the castle and destroy the grahl and the Riekling Krish.
70I have killed all of the grahl and the Riekling Krish. Hircine will be pleased.
100Hircine was pleased with my efforts, and has rewarded me with Hunter's Wind, the ability to completely restore my health once each day.
  • Quest complete

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