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"Thus began the epic Siege of Wayrest, when for fifty-seven days and nights the Bretons of Stormhaven manned the walls and repulsed the savage assaults of our terrible opponents. The Reachmen, lacking siege engines, were unable to breach our new walls and take the city by storm, and lacking ships they were unable to blockade our harbor and reduce the city by starvation."
High King Emeric[src]

The Siege of Wayrest was a battle during the Black Drake's Invasion, and was the turning point of the conflict.


The war began in 2E 542 when Durcorach the Black Drake invaded the cities of Bangkorai and captured the eastern Bjoulsae River. With the news that the Black Drake was invading, the denizens of Stormhaven fled to the city of Wayrest, where they felt they would be protected. Everyone from Alcaire to the west and Gavaudon to the east. The Reachmen had finally reached the city gates, and the siege had officially begun, within the span of fifty-seven days, the Breton militia of Wayrest was able to hold the walls and repulsed the savage attacks that the Reachmen had lashed out. The Reachmen had lacked siege weapons and boats to corner Wayrest from the Iliac Bay, so the battle ended in a stalemate, although technically with Wayrest being the victors. The Black Drake's invasion moved into the Glenumbra region in the west and took over the city of Camlorn. It was not until they reached Daggerfall that the Black Drake had fallen.[1]



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