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"By the time Ranser's main forces arrived on the scene, our troops were all within the walls. The gates were shut up tight, but the King of Shornhelm was undeterred. The city of Wayrest found itself once more under siege, and Ranser, with more craft and foresight than the Reachman Durcorach, had come with siege engines in his train."
High King Emeric[src]

The Siege of Wayrest was a battle during King Ranser's War and it was the beginning of the conflict. This battle would soon begin the end of King Ranser's reign over Rivenspire. The Siege of Wayrest was in response to High King Emeric's decision of marrying Maraya of Sentinel rather than Ranser's daughter, Rayelle. The Siege began during the Last Seed of 2E 566 when Ranser's army moved from Rivenspire and bypassed both Alcaire and Menevia, to reach the city of Wayrest. The Wayrest Guard held the gates from the Shornhelm Army. The battle had the potential to end with Shornhelm's victory. If the Oldgate Lancers were able to scatter the Wayrest militia and infiltrate the gates than Ranser would have won. However, Emeric and the Cumberland Guard fought the Oldgate Lancers and pushed them away from Wayrest. Ranser's army had officially arrived several hours into the fighting with a wide array of siege weapons to break down the walls of Wayrest. Ranser was unable to defeat the Wayrest defense and was forced to move back into Rivenspire and the fortress of Markwasten Moor, the rest continues at the Battle of Markwasten Moor.[1]



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