"Prey to thee, Dread Father, those born to Anu. From Vulkwasten, I offer she who sweeps away the seasons with straw and the swish of her tail. You will know them by their eye."
Litany of Blood[src]

Sihada is a Khajiit noble residing in Vulkwasten. She is one of the assassination targets assigned by the Litany of Blood. She can be found between the wayshrine and the Mages Guild.

Like all targets, she has one white eye and must be killed with the Blade of Woe. She dissolves into a pool of blood when killed, though respawns almost immediately.


Litany of BloodEdit

Sihada is a target for the quest, and must be killed with the Blade of Woe. It is suggested to murder her when she walks away from the center of town between Tall Trunk Tavern and Forongon's House.


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