Not to be confused with Silana Blandia.
"The Divines saved me from the streets, and they can save you from your trials, as well."
―Silana Petreia[src]

Silana Petreia is an Imperial priestess of the Temple of the Divines in Solitude. She can be found walking around the marketplace or inside the temple. If stealing something from the temple, she may send hired thugs.


Rescue MissionEdit

She may also be needed to be rescued for The Companions quest.


Evette San

Silana: "Are your sales going well?" or "I hope the Divines have been keeping you well."
Evette: "Not too bad. A few of the guests from the upcoming wedding have placed orders." or "They seem to when you're around, Silana."
Silana: "It should be quite the affair. Nice to have something happy in the midst of the war."
Evette: "Vittoria is practically glowing."


Silana: "Mistress, a word?"
Freir: "Certainly, acolyte. What troubles you?"
Silana: "I know you and father Rorlund have many duties to attend to in the temple, but sometimes I feel that there are more important matters to attend to."
Freir: "What could be more important than hearing the prayers of the faithful, and answering the questions of the dedicated?"
Silana: "Mistress, the people of Solitude are destitute. Many are starving and desperate for work. We need to be more active, to reach out to them."
Freir: "We took you in, didn't we? We would be glad to extend our welcome to any other who showed your dedication. What more could we do?"
Silana: "I know, and I appreciate it dearly. But I can't help but feel we could be doing more..."
Freir: "Kynareth has blessed you with tremendous compassion, Silana. You will find a way, I'm sure of it.


Rorlund: "Silana, you don't seem yourself. Is something the matter?"
Silana: "Oh, yes sir. I feel many of Solitude's families are having trouble getting by, and the wealthy do nothing to help them!"
Rorlund: "Your compassion is admirable, but you see, we cannot help them all. The poor must learn from the examples of the gods and raise themselves up."
Silana: "I respectfully disagree, sir. Stendarr and Zenithar may demand strength from them, but Mara and Dibella demand compassion from us."
Rorlund: "I see you have meditated on this subject quite thoroughly. I shall not stop you, but please, try to attend to your temple duties as well.


  • "May the Divines guide and keep you."
  • "May you be saved by the Divines, as I once was."
  • "The Divines saved me from the streets, and they can save you from your trials, as well."
  • "Blessings to you. The Divines are listening."
  • "Talos protect you." ―When Roggvir is executed.


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