Not to be confused with Sild's Assistant.
"Ooooh...yes...yes. You've fallen for my trap! Greed makes a great lure."
―Sild the Warlock[src]

Sild the Warlock is a Nord necromancer residing in Rannveig's Fast.


Enslaving the ghosts of those who died in the traps he has set up in the crypt, he forces them to fight intruders. He conducts sadistic experiments with those his trap ensnares, enjoying the slow taking of other mortals' lives as much as that of their souls.[1] He meets his end when the Dragonborn escapes or avoids his trap and confronts him.


One of his traps is a covered pit that adventurers frequently fall into when running for a conveniently placed chest. Those who fall land in a cage that contains water and the corpses of Sild's past victims. The cage is locked with an expert lock. Sild carries the Rannveig's Fast Key on his person, which opens his chest and the cage; there is also a satchel next to the cage with another copy of the same key in it (near his assistant's body), which can be reached through the bars. The Dragonborn can also raise his assistant and she will open the door as well.


  • If the Dragonborn is able to enter Rannveig's Fast from the exit, Slid will be passive towards them, and will not attack unless provoked.
  • Sild's Journal can be found on a table to the left of the cage trap.
  • The chest Sild placed as bait for his trap is empty, but there is a word of power on the Word Wall behind it which is guarded by a leveled draugr waiting for the Dragonborn.
  • If the Dragonborn is crouching and has a high enough Sneak skill after falling into Sild's trap, they will remain undetected by the Warlock and the gate to the cage will be open. Sild will continue talking as if the Dragonborn is still in the trap, even after they have sneaked out of it.
  • If the Dragonborn does not fall for the trap but instead goes around to enter Sild's lair from a stairwell, remaining hidden will allow one to see him stalking in circles around the trap, urging the next adventurer to fall for the chest. After a certain point a corpse will tumble through the trap, and Sild will express frustration at not having a live victim.
  • He may refer to his assistant as a "he" even though she is female. Additionally, he mentions his assistant to be more of a help to him dead than when they were alive.[1]
  • Sild can be revived and makes an excellent support character if the Dragonborn has the Dead Thrall spell.
  • There is an unused weapon named Sild's Staff that he was meant to wield. However, it can only be obtained using console commands.



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