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Silt Strider

A common Silt Strider

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Silt Striders are giant creatures native to Morrowind. They have stilt-like legs, and a body resembling the curved and armored body of a flea. The Dunmer domesticated the gigantic arthropods long ago, using them for transportation throughout Vvardenfell. The remains of Silt Striders may be found in various parts of the Ashlands, but they are not seen alive in the wild. After the Red Mountain erupted, most Silt Striders on Vvardenfell were wiped out, but some are still believed to live on the mainland of Morrowind.

Caravaneer and fares[]

Each Silt Strider has a driver, or caravaneer, that navigates the Silt Strider to its destination. Prices for passage are dependent on the destination, embarking point, and disposition of the caravener to the passenger, which can be increased with successful Admiration or Bribes. Caravaners may have extended dialogue options concerning their cities and its surroundings. All caravaners in Morrowind are Dunmer. Silt Strider routes travel inland in the Ascadian Isles, West Gash, and Ashlands regions.

Biology and culture[]

The 20 meter tall creatures' shells are cut away both to expose sensitive tissues beneath, which can be goaded with minimal force to guide them, and to make room for passengers and cargo. Silt Striders ship cargo, as evidenced by the Silt Strider docks constructed in cities such Gnisis and Molag Mar to aid in the loading and unloading of trade goods. Their shells are so strong, they can even withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Silt Striders are not hostile and cannot be attacked.


There are routes between each group of towns with the same colored background, and between towns of different backgrounds that are adjacent on the chart.

Khuul Ald'Ruhn Balmora Suran Molag Mar
Maar Gan Gnisis Seyda Neen Vivec

Origin Caravaner Destinations
Khuul Seldus Nerendus Ald'ruhn Gnisis Maar Gan
Maar Gan Daras Aryon Khuul Ald'ruhn Gnisis
Ald'ruhn Navam Veran Balmora Gnisis Khuul Maar Gan
Balmora Selvil Sareloth Ald'ruhn Seyda Neen Suran Vivec
Gnisis Punibi Yahaz Ald ' ruhn Khuul Maar Gan Seyda Neen
Seyda Neen Darvame Hleran Balmora Gnisis Suran Vivec
Suran Folsi Thendas Balmora Molag Mar Seyda Neen Vivec
Vivec City Adondasi Sadalvel Balmora Molag Mar Seyda Neen Suran
Molag Mar Dilami Androm Suran Vivec



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