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"An old story about the Silvenar states that the office represents all Wood Elves by being held simultaneously by from three to eight Bosmer from all walks of life. Such an arrangement would, of course, be completely impractical in real life."
―Silvenar's Audience Hall Loading Screen[src]

Silvenar is the capital city of the Malabal Tor region in Valenwood.

The city is centered around a Great Tree which is surrounded by several merchants, a grocer, a chef, and an armsman. It also includes a Mages Guildhall and an Altmeri enclave.

It is initially usurped by the Hound who is expelled from the city by the Silvenar and Vestige as part of the quest "Restore the Silvenar." Following its liberation it remains littered with Werewolf corpses. 



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Silvenar Altmeri Enclave (Online)

A view of the Altmeri Enclave in Silvenar.

Silvenar Floor (Online)

The Great Tree and its surrounding Graht-oak huts in Silvenar.



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