The Silver-Blood Inn is an inn located in the city of Markarth, right inside the city gates.


It is maintained by Kleppr and Frabbi, a husband and wife who are always arguing. Their daughter asks that their behavior be excused. The inn gets its name from the wealthy Silver-Blood family, who own the inn.


During the quest The Forsworn Conspiracy, if Weylin murdered Margret in the Markarth marketplace, the Dragonborn is directed to the Inn by Eltrys to investigate her murder. Margret had purchased the most expensive suite in the inn for an entire month.

The key to her room can be obtained either by looting the key from Margret's body (after Weylin kills her), persuading the owner, pickpocketing the owner, forcing entry into the room, or adding the key via Console commands.




  • If Atar is killed in Karthwasten before he enters the mine, his mercenary friends will have entered the mine before combat is engaged. If the Dragonborn doesn't enter the mine and kill them there, they will be encountered at the Silver-Blood inn and will be hostile but with no penalty for killing them.


  • When trying to exit the inn, sometimes the option to open the door to Markarth will not appear. To fix this, either reload a previous save or steal something of little value in front of everyone and when guards confront you, choose the "Pay off my bounty" option.
  • Sometimes when you exit the inn there will be an invisible wall that you cannot get past unless you reload a previous save.

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