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"We're in control of this mine. No sudden moves."
―Silver-Blood Mercenary[src]

Silver-Blood Mercenaries are characters in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Silver-Blood mercenaries can be found at Sanuarach Mine in Karthwasten. One can also be found in Margret's room in the Silver-Blood Inn during the quest "The Forsworn Conspiracy."


When the Dragonborn enters the town of Karthwasten for the first time, they find three mercenaries in a disagreement with the townsfolk. The mercenaries have been sent by the Silver-Blood Family in order to seize the mine. The mercenaries are refusing to let the townsfolk work in the mine. During a related quest, the Dragonborn can choose to side with the mercenaries or with the townsfolk.

During "The Forsworn Conspiracy," it is difficult to interact with the mercenary in the inn, as all he says is, "Time to find another job." When released from the room, he will just wander around the inn.



  • Killing the mercenaries in the mine will not incur any bounty, even if the Dragonborn attacks first.