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Silver Staff of Shaming is an Imperial Cult quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It is one of the shrine sergeant quests given by Kaye.


Years ago, an acolyte of the Imperial Cult named Linus Iulus left Ebonheart to find a traitor. He has not been seen since. Lalatia Varian, the oracle of the Imperial Cult on Vvardenfell, has had dreams lately about a Silver Staff of Shaming lying near Mount Kand. As she has given such a staff to Linus Iulus before his departure, she suspects that Linus Iulus' remains can be found there. The shrine sergeant Kaye asks the Nerevarine to find what is left of Linus Iulus and bring back the Silver Staff of Shaming and what else is left of his possessions, in particular his Maran Amulet and Stendarran Belt. As his death is a burden on Lalatia Varian's conscience, it would be good to have this artefacts back at the chapels. Kaye gives the Nerevarine an Detect Enchantment Ring who should help them detect the items.

If asked about this situation by talking about "Silver Staff of Shaming," Lalatia Varian will say:

As I told Kaye, I believe the Silver Staff of Shaming, and the remains of Linus Iulus, will be found in the shadow of Mount Kand. I do not think the time of day is important. I believe the shadow is symbolic, symboling the shadow of death that has fallen over Linus Iulus. I hope you retrieve the staff. And I hope you find other of his personal effects so that we may honor them in token of one who has fallen in our service.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Speaking with Kaye will have him ask the Nerevarine to retrieve a Silver Staff of Shaming that belonged to Linus Iulus, along with any other personal effects that belong to him.
  • Kaye will give the Nerevarine a Detect Enchantment Ring to help locate the item.
  • Travel to Mount Kand. A means of levitation will most likely be needed to reach the proper spot.
  • Locate the body of Linus Iulus, which is to the south and almost directly at the map marker for Mount Kand. His body contains Linus Iulus' Maran Amulet, Linus Iulus' Stendarran Belt, and a Silver Staff of Shaming.
  • Return to Kaye in Ebonheart with the staff and other belongings to receive a reward.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

After accepting the quest the Nerevarine should travel to Mount Kand in the Molag Amur region. Linus Iulus skeleton lies on top of the mountain, which can be reached by means of levitation or by foot coming from east. He carries the asked for Silver Staff of Shaming as well as Linus Iulus' Maran Amulet and Linus Iulus' Stendarran Belt on him. The Nerevarine can take the effects and should now return to the Imperial Chapels in Ebonheart to deliver them.

Upon giving Kaye the Silver Staff of Shaming and Linus Iulus' other possessions, he thanks the Nerevarine, suggesting that they keep the staff in honor of Linus Iulus' sacrifice. He also rewards them with a Restoration Shirt. He says that the amulet and the belt will be given to other new lay servants.



Journal Entry
An acolyte named Linus Iulus disappeared some years ago. Our oracle, Lalatia Varian, has had a vision of a Silver Staff of Shaming, and Linus Iulus had one of these staves. Kaye gave me an Detect Enchantment ring and told me to go to Mount Kand. I'm to find a Silver Staff of Shaming there that belonged to Linus Iulus. I should bring it to Kaye, along with any other personal effects I find that belonged to Linus Iulus.
  • Quest accepted
Kaye says tjat Lalatia Varian, our oracle, she has seen the Silver Staff of Shaming in a dream. She says it lies in the lands of burning rock, under the shadow of the Mountain of Fear. Kaye says that an old name for Mount Kand is Mountain of Fear. The oracle believes the staff will be found either east or west of the mountain, in the shadow of the rising or setting sun. I have an Detect Enchantment ring to help find the staff.
I gave Kaye the Silver Staff of Shaming. As a reward, Kaye gave me a Restoration shirt. He thanked me for my exertions on the cult's behalf, and told me to speak to him again when I'm ready for another mission.
  • Quest completed
I told Kaye I've given up trying to find the Silver Staff of Shaming that belonged to Linus Iulus. He was disappointed, and told me not to come back for at least a day. He told me to decide whether I was serious about serving the Imperial cult before I ask him again for a shrine sergeant mission.
  • Quest failed


  • When turning in the quests, if the belt, amulet and staff are in the inventory, the belt and amulet will be removed but not the staff, and the Nerevarine will receive the reward.
  • If only the staff is in the inventory, it will be removed, and the Nerevarine will receive the reward. No mention of the other items is made.

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